Tuesday, June 30, 2020

First Post on New Blogger

Hi there and welcome to my blog.  I'm glad to see you!  I'm running out of time to get acclimated, so I'm just taking the plunge and trying a post on the new Blogger forum.  Like most folks, I don't think we'll be doing any traveling this summer, although I hope we'll get to spend a few days at my in-laws' beach house.  I imagine they'll be putting it up for sale before too long, and we need to spend some time there, if possible.  We have so many good memories from our times there.   
For this post, I thought I would share some links to places we've visited in previous years; if you happen to be a new visitor to House at Forest Manor, you won't have read these posts.  I imagine we'll be mostly doing armchair travel this year.  :) 

   In 2019, I took two girls' trips with my mom, sister, and niece.  We went to Southport, North Carolina, and Charleston, South Carolina.  I've been to both places several times before, but this was a first with just us girls.  You can tour this darling cottage where we stayed in Southport here and here.
You can see a short post on last year's trip to Charleston here
Hal and I visited Williamsburg in 2019, where I fell in love with those charming Colonial cottage gardens.  You can see more of our Williamsburg trip here, herehere and here
In 2018, we visited beautiful Airlie Gardens, in Wilmington, North Carolina.
You can see that post here.    
I'll be sharing more links to past travel posts in the days ahead.  I just can hardly believe that June is essentially over.  This has definitely been the strangest year I've ever experienced.  I hope you're staying well, and thank you so much for stopping by today.   
Have a good week!  


  1. I know! This is already the last day of June. This is exactly how time keeps rushing by.

    You have taken some wonderful trips through the years. I certainly hope that you and your husband are able to enjoy some time away at his parents' place. It should be illegal for our parents to sell things that way. Course, you folks could buy it! 😉

  2. Half this crazy year is over. Our daughter and I were at Airlie Gardens when her Marine husband was posted at Camp LeJeune. Such beautiful grounds. These were fun places to visit. Looks like you are getting along with the new blogger format...

  3. You have visited some lovely spots. I've been to Charleston quite a few years ago and loved the southern ambiance of the city.
    Trips this year are mostly close to home for us, too. I hope you enjoy your time at your husband's parents' place.



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