Thursday, July 22, 2021

Progress On Our Yard

Hi everyone!  I hope you're having a good week, and I'm glad you're here.  
  Today I'm sharing our major tree removal project with you; this work has been going on for a period of about three weeks (off and on).  Next week, the stump grinder will be here to take care of all that remains of these monster trees.  We put this project off for a long time because we knew the cost would be prohibitive, and it was.  By the time the stumps have been ground, we will have spent about $20,000 and some change on this.  For that kind of money, we could have had a sunroom added on to the back of our house, which I've wanted to do for years.  But...then we would be constantly worrying that these trees would drop a massive limb on the sunroom, or worse, one of the trees would get struck by lightening and fall on the house.  Among their many "endearing" qualities, poplars are also known to be lightening magnets.  😏  
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