Thursday, January 2, 2014

Favorite Chairs

I was recently contacted by Chloe of One King's Lane to ask if I would write a post featuring a statement chair in our home.  She included a link in her e-mail to a resource page on the One King's Lane website, along with some basic questions for me to address in my post, such as:  Which era is my chair from?  Is it a centerpiece or an accent to the rest of the room?  What design elements (pattern, texture, color, etc.) of the chair do I love most?   

It took me a while to decide which of our chairs to write about.  I don't have any of those wonderful French accent chairs that are so popular at the moment and so timeless in their classic appeal (unless you count our French Provincial dining chairs).

We have two vintage, mahogany ladder-back chairs that we use as accent chairs in our foyer and living room.

A Fresh New Start

Happy New Year 2014 everyone!!  I really had intended to write a New Year's post yesterday, but simply could not find the time.  I may have mentioned in a few of my recent posts or e-mails that my husband took an extended vacation from work over the holidays.  He works on many IT projects (usually concurrently) at his job, and 2013 was a tough year.  They were so busy, he was barely able to take any time off during the year because of urgent project deadlines.

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