Sunday, November 25, 2018

Celebrating Thanksgiving

Hi everyone!  I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving day.  I just love Thanksgiving -- everyone in our family does.  This was our first Thanksgiving without my father, and there was definitely an empty spot there for us.  In fact, we have two family members gone from us this holiday season, my father and Hal's paternal grandmother.  His granny died back in January of this year, which is so far back that it almost feels like last year.  She died just about six weeks short of her 101st birthday.  I will be forever grateful that I had these two very special people in my life for so many years. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Duncan Loves Fall, Too

Hello friends!  Are you having a good week?  We've been busy, busy, and I don't see things slowing down anytime soon.
I have not posted on Duncan in ages, and I thought I would share a few pictures.  Oftentimes, he can hear the wind from inside the house (or we think he can) and he almost begs demands to be taken out.  You see, he wants to engage in his favorite activity -- chasing the leaves as the wind blows them around.

Monday, November 5, 2018

A Football Game and Leaf Season

Happy Monday dear readers!  I hope you enjoyed a lovely fall weekend.  The employees where my husband works were offered free tickets to a college football game this past weekend for making their United Way goal, so we spent Saturday afternoon at the stadium.  It was a beautiful day, but the wind blew during the entire game and it was much colder than I expected it to be.  Thankfully, I grabbed my coat on the way out the door, or I would have been a miserable camper.  :)

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

A Thanksgiving Tablescape

I don't think I've ever put together a Thanksgiving table in October -- at least, not in recent years.  I'm always too far behind schedule to do that.  This year, things are a little different.  I've offered committed to having my family's Christmas Day gathering at our house, so I'm going to start decorating for Christmas earlier than ever before.  It will feel strange, but I need to get as much of a head start on things as possible.
Our Thanksgiving tables in previous years have always featured my Johnson Brothers "His Majesty" dishes, and my centerpiece was always a cornucopia overflowing with the bounty of a harvest season.  I enjoyed using these pieces, because the "horn of plenty" has always been a big symbol of Thanksgiving to me.  This year, I was in the mood to do something different.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Our Fall Family Room

Fall is finally starting to make itself felt here.  We're having a late fall this year, but the signs are there.  The nights are cooler and crisper, it smells like fall outside, high school football is back in town, and front porches are sporting mums and pumpkins.
I've been making some changes in our den recently, and earlier, I promised to share those with you.  Since I'm not quite finished yet, tonight will be just a few sneak peaks at the room as it looks for fall.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Dale Chihuly, Fall Storms, and Family Life

Hello all!  Are you having a good month?  Today it finally feels like fall here in our part of North Carolina.  What a month it's been.  We got the effects of Hurricane Michael here yesterday, and oh wow!  I told Mr. Forest Manor that I spent almost a whole week worrying about Hurricane Florence (which was a disaster for the N.C. coast) because there was so much hype about it beforehand.  I barely gave Hurricane Michael a thought, until yesterday that is, but Michael was actually worse for us in the Piedmont area than Florence was. 
So what have I been up to since I last posted here?  For starters, spending time with family.  On Friday, September 28th, Hal and I took his parents to see the Chihuly exhibit at Biltmore Estate.  We had a beautiful day to travel up there, the exhibit was amazing, and we had dinner at the Stable Cafe on the estate, which was a lot of fun, too.

Friday, September 21, 2018

Thomas Jefferson's Gardens at Monticello

Recently, I noticed that I've written several posts over the years wherein I ended the post with a promise for Part 2.  I had every good intention of writing the follow-up post, but somehow I never got around to it.  Life moved on quickly, and we were onto the next thing.  This time around, I've decided to write my "Part 2" as soon as possible so that I don't forget or just get too busy later to do so.  A few weeks ago, I wrote about our visit to Charlottesville, Virginia, in September 2017, and talked a little bit about Thomas Jefferson at the end of that post.  
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