Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Mom's Easter Table

Hi everyone!  I'm sort of on a tablescaping kick at the moment.  Do you know, that's originally why I started blogging?  I liked setting pretty tables, and I wanted to participate in the various link parties for tablescapes.  I kind of knew when I started that I would want to expand and write about more than just dishes and such.  Sure enough, last year I wrote about travel, books, decorating, etc., but I only did one tablescape all year.  In 2012, we were having our kitchen remodeled, and I think I only did two tablescapes that entire year.  Now I'm in the mood to play with the dishes again.  ;)

This tablescape was actually not done by me; my mom put this Easter table together back in 2011.  Hal took pictures and we put them on the computer, and then I forgot we had them.  I came across them this past weekend and realized I needed to put them in a post.

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