Thursday, May 10, 2012

It's Been One of Those Weeks

Hi everyone!  I'm having one of those kind of weeks.  Can anyone out there relate?

First of all, I won't be doing a Mother's Day tablescape since our dining room and kitchen table are piled high with -- clutter.  The dining room table is in some semblance of order.  At least things are neatly stacked on it, and the boxes lining the walls in the room are neatly stacked.  However, the kitchen table is filled with a hodgepodge of this and that; and our little buddy, R2D2, otherwise known as the shop vac, is still in the kitchen floor.  Other than that, why, everything looks just great.  Can you tell I'm slightly frustrated?

Things were actually moving along pretty smoothly until we discovered last weekend that we (actually me, myself, and I) had picked out a paint color for the kitchen cabinets that is all wrong.  The problem was I thought I knew what color I wanted for my cabinets, but I was mistaken.  In my defense, paint colors really are tricky. So it's been one of those "live and learn" weeks for me.

About the cabinet color -- it's not exactly a terrible color; it just looks terrible with our pretty, light yellow walls.  And thankfully, our contractor had only painted the corner cabinet unit, and a little bit of the existing frames when we discovered the big "Oops."  It would have been a really big "Oops" if he had already painted our 24 brand new cabinet doors and 8 new drawers.  So, we'll have to buy two gallons of new paint at $51 a gallon (contractor's price), and there will be some extra labor costs because Tim will have to re-paint the bit that he painted last weekend.  But that's a lot better than getting all the cabinets painted and realizing we'd made a big mistake.  I cringe just thinking about that.

The new color we think we'll be using is Sherwin Williams Dover White.  I read lots of good things about this color online.  Our contractor uses Sherwin Williams, so I Googled soft white paint colors, and then narrowed down the Sherwin Williams selections.  Has anyone out there ever used this color before?  We're going to test a portion of the cabinets this evening to see how it looks.  I'll let you know how it turns out.  /:)

Here are a few pictures of recent updates on "The Project".  Below is the new corner cabinet unit.  It's painted the color that didn't work out.

New drawer stack...

The rest of the cabinets have been painted with primer only.

New drawers to replace worn-out drawers to the right and left of the sink...

No more scalloped cornice board over the window.

And here's the new pantry insert with adjustable shelves.

A glimpse of new counter tops and sink...

The drain on the left side of the sink will be replaced with a white drain to match the drain on the right.

We had hoped the kitchen would be completed by now, but it looks like it's going to be about two more weeks.  Must be patient, must be patient, must be patient...

*Update:  Since I wrote the first part of this post, we've tested the Dover White on a section of the cabinets and can see how it looks now that it's dry.  It's a winner -- we love it!!  So we've got that sorted, as my husband says.  :) 

Thanks for stopping by to see our progress.  I hope that soon I'll have a pretty kitchen to show you.  In the meantime, your visits and comments always make my day!

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