Thursday, June 18, 2015

Sharing "A Bit About Britain"

I think most of you who regularly read my blog have probably figured out that I'm a bit of an Anglophile.  There are several British blogs that I follow, and I really look forward to reading their posts and seeing images of beautiful Britain.

Today I'd like to introduce you to Mike, who authors the blog, A Bit About BritainMike lives and works in England and writing his blog is one of his hobbies.  I discovered A Bit About Britain a year or more ago, and I really enjoy Mike's posts.  The dry British sense of humor that my husband and I enjoyed when we were there comes through in Mike's writing.  My family can tell you that I'm not one of those people who is silently amused.  When I'm reading something funny, everyone knows it because I laugh out loud.  Many of Mike's posts are laugh-out-loud funny, and of course I had to share them with my husband.  (See "A Visit to Scotney Castle" -- beautiful castle and very funny post).

I was very taken with Mike's most recent post (probably because I had just returned from the coast) and after reading it, I decided that I really need to share this with some of my readers.  I know I'm not the only one of my fellow bloggers to have visited England, so I thought you might enjoy this blog.  Mike writes about almost every region of Britain, including Scotland and Wales.  His posts contain current photographs of all these wonderful places, but he also shares their history with us.  For history geeks buffs like me, that's a win/win situation.  ;)
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