Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Turtle

We are vacationing at the beach this week, and I did a post a few days ago about coming to this same place every summer for 22 years.  Anyhoo... in that post I included some pics of this turtle.

He has become a source of great interest and entertainment for Mr. FM and I.  Everyday at about the same time (mid to late morning) he starts making his way from the little pond where he hangs out with his buddy...

across the golf course to disappear between two of the houses nearby.  He's so cute to watch!  He comes up the bank from the pond (actually just a water hazard on the golf course) and he makes his way so far and then ... He Stops.  His head comes up, he stretches his neck out and just waits.

I don't know a lot about turtles, so I he smelling for predators?  Do they have a strong sense of smell?  Is he listening?  We think he does hear because he wasn't too far from us when my husband took those photos, and he stopped when the camera shutter was making it's clicking, whirring sounds.  Anyway, when the coast is clear, he puts his head back down and continues his journey across the golf course.

Monday there were quite a few golfers and golf carts coming through, but he picked his times, and just kept motoring along.  He actually does motor pretty quickly when he gets going.  It always reminds me of  "The Tortoise and the Hare".  I don't think they're as slow as we think, but they can't run like most other animals, so they retreat into their shells instead.  After a bit, we notice that he is headed back toward his pond in the same manner as he began.  The trip takes less time than you would imagine.  Now, we look forward to seeing him every day.  But my big question is:  Whose flowers and/or shrubs is he munching on??  I hope they're not too angry because he has to eat just like we do:)  Just sayin'.

'Bye for now.


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