Thursday, January 22, 2015

The English Town of Tring

Hello folks.  I haven't disappeared, but it feels like I have.  I haven't been posting or commenting for over a week.  I mentioned previously that I had been feeling under the weather and thought it was probably allergies.  Whatever the problem, it's sure slowed me down, but I'm really thankful I haven't been as sick as a lot of people this winter.  

My Christmas decorations are still up in the living room (including the tree) and the dining room.  Every time I thought about writing a post, I just couldn't seem to find the energy or inspiration.  This post finally got done after a series of starts, stops, and changes.  So glad that I haven't had the flu, but I seem to have had a bad case of writer's/blogger's block.

Since I don't have anything really new to share, I'm taking another little trip down memory lane today.  I have just a few pictures to show you of a little town called Tring, in Hertfordshire, in the south of England.

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