Saturday, January 27, 2018

Rod Stewart and The Great American Songbook

Hi Friends!  The weekend's here and I'm always glad for that.  Have you had a good week?  I'm still enjoying winter here in North Carolina.  It feels like we're actually having an honest-to-goodness winter this year, unlike last year.  However, I can tell the days are getting longer now, and I'm glad to see that, too.  I'm trying to enjoy all the seasons to the best of my ability.
 ☃ ☂ 🌞
Since we got our Sonos sound system last year, I've really enjoyed listening to music even more than ever.  Before Christmas, Hal ordered a compact Sonos speaker for the kitchen.  I had never thought of having one in there, but I'm enjoying that too.  Hal can watch television in the den, and I can listen to music in the kitchen -- what's not to love?
So what have I been listening to?  I'm so glad you asked.  😊  
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