Friday, February 28, 2014

"Going To The Dogs"

It seems that things around here have just gone to the dogs.  Anyone reading my blog over the past month will probably get that impression.  I do apologize for showing puppy pictures so often, but I couldn't resist showing you this last group of pics.  We'll be traveling for about two hours on Saturday to pick up our new little canine friend, and I guess that's the last time he'll get to be with his litter mates.  I hope he won't miss them too much.

The breeder sent these pictures on Monday.  She took the pups outside for the first time on Sunday, and she said they had such a blast.  They played with pine cones and learned to go up and down steps.  She wrote that true to life, the girls managed to do everything first, while the boys were busy exploring their new world.  :)

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