Tuesday, March 11, 2014

An Irish Table for St. Patrick's Day

I'm into my fourth year of blogging, and this is the year I finally put a St. Paddy's Day tablescape together and actually got it photographed.  Yippee!  Mr. Forest Manor did the photography for me (Thanks Honey) -- I really appreciate the good pictures he takes.

I started with white dinner plates, "Classic White", bone china, Lenox.  I bought these plates a few years ago, and I have used them on so many tables.  The smaller white plates I'm using for bread plates came from HomeGoods, and they don't have any markings or name on the back at all.  The cabbage plates (Bordallo Pinheiro) add the touch of green I needed for my place settings.  These were a score a few weeks ago at Tuesday Morning; I love, love these plates and have been looking for some for awhile.

The flatware is our wedding stainless, Oneida "Tennyson."  The white napkins came from Horchow online.

The chandelier and the ivy are reflecting in the handle of the butter knife.

The wine stems are Godinger "Dublin".  The water goblet is Gorham "French Cathedral," our wedding crystal.  After 27 years of marriage, I still love this crystal.

The two small swans are salt cellars, stamped Lenox, "To The Bride."

The little spoons belonged to my maternal grandmother.

I found these votive holders at Michaels the first year I started my blog.  I think maybe they're supposed to represent crowns, but the detail around the top reminds me of shamrocks.

The salt and pepper shakers were a wedding gift.

For the centerpiece, I used silk flowers.  I don't normally use silk flowers for a centerpiece, but I love these roses.  I found the big cabbage roses at a favorite local gift shop over ten years ago, and I added some smaller roses from A.C. Moore and a bit of ivy to finish it off.  I paid more for those cabbage roses than I've ever paid for silk flowers, but I just love them.  There are three pink roses and three ivory.  Each cabbage rose has a fully-opened rose and two buds on the stem.  The vase was a gift from my mom and one that she found at a local antiques shop.

Swans were a gift from my friend and former neighbor.

That same friend also gifted me with these orange and green linen napkins.  Her mother purchased them many years ago while traveling in Ireland.  The orange and green represent the colors in the Irish flag.

These are three little Belleek pieces that I've acquired over the years.  The round box with a lid I bought in Dublin when I was there in 1999.  On a later trip to Ireland, my husband bought the ornament for me.  The bell with the basket and shamrock pattern I found in an antiques shop in South Carolina.

The little hanging plate came from Michaels.

This little bell is a piece of Royal Tara that I found in Dublin and brought back to my grandmother.  I love the shamrock handle.

I also chose these placemats for my tablescape because we bought them in a little shop in Newcastle, County Down.  They remind me of the roses in my centerpiece.

The leprechaun was a gift from my mother-in-law; she brought it to me from a trip she took here in the states.  I love his polka dot stockings.  :-D

The white, ceramic breadbasket came from HomeGoods and was made in Italy.

The final pictures are in candlelight.

SlĂ inte!

I had the most fun with this tablescape -- I think this is one of my favorite tablescapes so far.  :)  St. Patrick's Day has always been a favorite with me.  Our families have a bit of Irish in our heritage -- Scottish, Irish, English, German.  Don't they say that on St. Patrick's Day, the whole world is Irish?  :)  On Friday the fourteenth, I'll be guest posting on another blog to talk about some of my favorite Irish things.  I'd love for you to stop back by my blog on Friday to find out more about that!

I'm very happy to be participating in the Annual St. Patrick's Day Blog Crawl on March 12th, hosted by Kathleen at Cuisine Kathleen.  Thank you for hosting Kathleen!!  This is her sixth annual Blog Crawl, and it's a fun link party -- hope to see you there!

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  1. Hi,
    I love your tablescape. The centerpiece is beautifu and the china and stemware are so classic. Thanks for sharing this wonderful St. Patrick's Day table.
    Betty @ My Cozy Corner

  2. Your table is very pretty Denise! Sounds like it brought back lots of fun memories and your roses are gorgeous:@)

  3. Oh such fun! You have inspired me.

  4. Your table looks so pretty, Denise. How nice that it is a mixture of special treasures from friends, family and even from trips to Ireland. I agree that the cabbage roses are stunning and look perfect with your placemats.
    Now I'm wondering what's for dinner? :)

  5. Hi Denise! Oh, your table is so beautiful and your hubby did a beautiful job of the photography. I love your pretty dishes, goblets and those are some of the sweetest little salt cellars I've ever seen. Just so lovely. Those roses are outstanding. Thank you for popping in to see my little cow creamers.
    be a sweetie,

  6. The table is beautiful. Now what's for dinner? We have quite similar roots--Irish, English, German. Maybe even a Scott, but I have not gotten that far. Your table tells a wonderful story of love, friendship, and family.

  7. How beautiful Denise! I love that you have things from Ireland to use on your table. How wonderful would that be! Thanks for joining HSH!

  8. Love your table! Everything shows up beautifully. I know you love everything Irish. Great job!
    Love, Mom

  9. Love your Irish table for St Patrick's Day. Everything is beautiful. Glad you found the Bordallo Pinheiro plates from Tuesday Morning. I would love to luck up with some more pieces too. Your Belleck pieces are so sweet and special. I want to reread your Ireland posts again.

    I am doing a St Pat's table for the first time too.

  10. Your table is beautiful and so elegant Denise and Dublin wine stems, how perfect! I love the rose placemats with your centerpiece along with your Belleek pieces and sweet bell. I finally found some Bordallo Pinheiro plates at Tuesday Morning about the same time you did too :)

  11. Hi Denise,
    Your table is elegant and just so pretty. I love all your special touches and your treasured gifts. The silk roses are so worth it for their beauty and tie in so beautifully with the placemats. I love your new napkins from Horchow. I love this table, too, Denise. You did a spectacular job. Happy 🍀 Day!
    p.s. Your hubby did a great job, too.

  12. This is one of my favorite tables...just beautiful and so elegant, Denise. I would never have guessed those were not real roses! So many of us are using the BP cabbage plates this year. I have a good supply of pink and green for Easter.
    Have a wonderful week.

  13. So beautiful, Denise, I love it all. xo

  14. Denise, your table is so elegant. The gorgeous Dublin crystal really sparkles! Happy St. Pat's Day!

  15. Love your table setting...the linens, the crystal...it's all so lovely together. You had me fooled with those flowers, too. I thought they were real. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  16. Beautiful! Love your crystal.

  17. How cool that you have things on your table that you actually bought in Ireland!! I am so longing to visit there before I croak. Your whole table is just lovely, and I especially like the French crystal wineglasses.

  18. This is an exquisite tablescape. I absolutely LOVE your attention to the tiniest of details, and appreciate how you highlighted each item on your table so we could really see them! Your components are so very pretty, from your swans to your votive holders, to your crystal, plates----EVERYTHING!! Bravo! Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  19. I'm drooling over your lovely table! I'm glad you published a St. Patty's Day tablescape this year. I love so many things about your table that I'll tell you my favorite thing: Your crown votive holders. (Isn't that something any queen would like?) Your are right - the shamrock look at the upper edge is perfect! I like how you use things people have given you - special reminders of treasured friends and family.
    Kim @ Curtain Queen Creates

  20. A beautiful tablescape--I thought the roses were real, too! They're gorgeous, as is your Belleek.

  21. Hi Denise....New to your blog! I love it! your table is so beautiful, I was fooled by the roses too! I'm headed out to score some for myself.....my roses won't bloom until August at the rate we are going here in Northeast Pennsylvania! I have to say my favorite pieces are your Belleek....my grandmother always set her table with her pieces, it brought back warm memories.....
    Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  22. Very pretty and elegant table! I especially like the treasures you found in Ireland.

    Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  23. What a beautiful table setting - I LOVE those green dishes !!!
    Hard to believe that we're already this close to St. Patrick's day - and yet
    Spring feels like it's so far away here in Montreal!

  24. I love your cabbage plates. I have also always wanted some of those. I'm wondering of the Tues AM near me still has some. I've got to go check on that. I also love all of your pieces of Belleek. I just know that Ireland is beautiful, and it is on my bucket list. I really enjoyed seeing all of your pieces from Ireland. I can't believe those roses are silk. They are gorgeous. laurie

  25. I guess there is still hope for me. I have never set a St. Patrick's Day table! LOL You have inspired me! Thank you for sharing your beautiful table. I love roses and your centerpiece roses are so pretty. I love all your pretties......Blessings My Friend,

  26. So beautiful, so elegant, so classy and oh so Irish! I love how you added the Irish accents on your table and throughout your dining room:) The white napkins on that gorgeous plate is just soooo pretty and elegant! Love your beautiful tablescape, you have done a marvelous job! And stunning pictures! Happy St. Patrick's Day! Hugs, Poppy

  27. What a wonderful tablescape, I love your choice of colors. It looks like it would be fun to share this table with you.
    Have a great week,

  28. Such a beautiful, elegant and classic tablescape! Full of beautiful things personal to you, it must have been such a pleasure composing this!
    I hope you enjoy eating at the table, and enjoying your special items.Its good to have an excuse to get such beautiful things out if the cupboards to see and use!
    Gill xx

  29. Hello. I'm love your blog and the beautiful things you show here. I´m Portuguese. I love cooking and decoration. I love visiting this kind of blogs for inspiration and it was a great surprise seing «our» Bordalo Pinheiro dinnerware in so many american blogs. Wow. It makes me proud. Great post. Love this table.

  30. I never tire of looking at pretty table settings, particularly those associated with St. Patrick's Day, one of my favorite holidays. Everything is picture perfect here. I lust after those cabbage plates (I stalk them at Tuesday Morning, why I don't actually buy them is anybody's guess), and those roses are stunning.

  31. Hi Denise,
    Happy St. Patrick's Day!
    What a beautiful table. I love the embroidered shamrock on the linen, so pretty!
    Those roses look very real! Lovely!
    Thanks so much for taking part in the 6th Annual Irish Blog Crawl!

  32. Gorgeous Denise! So nice having you share at Amaze Me Monday!

  33. I am in love with this table. I had to stop midstream and pin it so I wouldn't get to the end and forget. I want to study all the elements and try to duplicate the look because you managed to make it very elegant without being stuffy. I love the runner in the middle with the glass candlesticks and pop of green in the candles.

    Really, Denise, this is just so lovely. Can he come photograph mine???

  34. Into your 4th year now, huh? Wow! Where does the time go??? Happy Anniversary!

    Better 4 years in than never to post a great St. Patrick's Day tablescape like this! Honest to Pete, had you not said the flowers were silk, I would not have guessed it. You got good ones! I use silks a lot for blogging because, quite frankly, I'm a poor church mouse who cannot afford fresh week in and week out. When I buy silks, though, I go for the very best I can possibly afford with the most realistic look and feel. I study how that flower naturally grows and make sure to work with it until it flows that way. It takes a bit of work, but it's worth it for the look it renders. Again...yours look spectacular!

    All of the elements on your table are beautiful (especially those graceful swans!), and your Hubs did a great job with the photography! He deserves an extra piece of dessert for the next month! :-)



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