Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Thankful Season

Hello everyone -- how was your week?  I've been taking a break from blogging due to sickness -- again.  Barely six months ago, I had this stuff in the late spring/early summer, and it took awhile to get over.  In my previous post, I mentioned that Hal was sick; his cold turned into bronchitis.  Mine seems to be following the same progression as his, so I really hope I don't wind up with bronchitis, because I hate to be sick at Thanksgiving.  It will work out one way or the other, and there are people in the world with much worse problems.

Here's a real first world problem for you ;)  -- my page views on the blog are way down.  Gasp!  Not that I ever have a ton of views anyway, but it makes me feel bad when they get this low.  {:/  I have nothing new to contribute at the moment, so I'll share some links to past years' posts.

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