Monday, August 22, 2022

The Joys of Bird Watching

Hello all!  Are you having a good week?  We're staying pretty busy, but we're ready for some cooler weather.  In spite of the heat, we've gotten good rain this summer, for which we're extremely grateful, as we have all those baby trees that really need water.   
One thing that we've done every day this summer, I believe, is watched the birds in our backyard.  I can't tell you how much we've enjoyed that, as it has been way too hot to spend any time outdoors since early June.  We probably spend too much money on bird seed, but we sure get a lot of pleasure out of our birdwatching.

Thursday, August 11, 2022

A New Blog Look

Hi All,  It's Friday's Eve again already!  😀  I just want to give a shoutout to Linda Primmer of Life and Linda blog for once again updating the look of House at Forest Manor.  I had grown tired of my previous look and contacted her for help.  The first time I had Linda re-design my blog, I wasn't completely certain of the look I wanted, and I probably drove her crazy by changing my mind multiple times.  However, this time I knew what I wanted, and I'm so happy with the results!!  I found the laurel wreath and bee graphic online and showed her an example of the gold print I liked, and she totally delivered.  I wanted a simpler, more classic look, and that's what I got.  She also helped me get set up to receive my blog comments via e-mail again.  
Linda is always so pleasant and helpful to work with, and I'm so appreciative.  I also appreciate her tutorial posts showing us how to do some of these things ourselves. I know she has done blog designs for many of you, so you're familiar with her work.   
Thank you again, Linda!!!  


Monday, August 1, 2022

Reynolda Gardens 2021

Would you like to take a (virtual) walk through Reynolda Gardens with me today?  These pictures are actually from last year, but we can look at them in the cool and comfort of our own homes.  Reynolda Gardens are part of the original R. J. and Katharine Reynolds estate in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  R. J. and Katharine's daughter, Mary Reynolds Babcock, loved the formal gardens at Reynolda, and after her death in 1953, her husband donated the formal gardens and greenhouses to Wake Forest University, with specific instructions to preserve the space as a community resource.  There is no charge for admission at Reynolda Gardens, and that's a real plus in my book.  😉
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