Tuesday, July 16, 2013

July Note Card Party

Hi everyone!  How's the weather in your part of the world?  The heat has finally arrived here in North Carolina and has joined forces with the ever-present humidity to make us feel like we're in a steam bath.  But...we have blue skies and sunshine, and for that I am very thankful.

Every summer on our local weather station, we hear the nasty D-word (drought) at least every other day.  Not so this year.  In fact, we are truly saturated.  I saw a disturbing piece on our local news last night that a portion of the Blue Ridge Parkway between Asheville and Mount Mitchell is closed indefinitely due to cracks in the pavement.  The ground beneath the road in that section is completely saturated and they said the crack is five feet deep and 200 feet long.  Yikes!  Can you say sinkhole, or maybe, landslide?

Today, I've put together four pictures from some of my previous posts in order to join in with the other bloggers at Vee's monthly Note Card Party.  This month I was in the mood to use pictures of our American flag because July always feels like a patriotic month to me.  These pictures somewhat reflect the evolution of our American flag from early colonial days up to the 21st century.

"Continental Colors a/k/a Grand Union Flag"
A restored merchant's shop in Old Salem, N.C., circa 1776

"Betsy Ross Flag"
Old Salem, N.C.

"I Pledge Allegiance"
Sculptures in Brookgreen Gardens, South Carolina

"The Showboat"
The U.S.S. North Carolina, Wilmington, N.C.

I hope you enjoyed these images of the red, white and blue.  Pictures by both me and my husband; note card captions by me.  :)

  Thank you for visiting "House at Forest Manor," and I hope you'll stop by A Haven For Vee and join us for the Note Card Party.   Wishing you happy and sunny days this week!



  1. These would make a nice set of patriotic note cards, Denise. Lovely photos of your flag.

    I hope the humidity abates somewhat. That's a lot of rain! What weird weather we've been having. But I can't complain about our summer - beautiful temperatures, not too hot, and no rain for weeks.

  2. Hi Denise, first I love your new header. So bright and cheery! And these are great photos and would make lovely cards or prints. Hope the humidity lessens for you and that "sink hole" situation sounds very frightening. xo

  3. Fab-u-lous picks and just perfect for July! I was going to say that the first one was my favorite. Then, I changed to the one from Brookgreen Gardens. But now, the one on the ship is heart stirring.

    In the end I decided that this month is a toss up. You just can't pick among flags, I guess.

  4. And I hear ya about the saturation. We had flooding and road closings here. I had to take a different route just to get to the Duchess's house.

  5. It warms my heart to see photos of some of my favorite places in the Carolinas! I know you've had a LOT of rain! I'm sure it must be even greener and more beautiful than ever. Hugs!

  6. I really like the one with the Pledge of Allegiance but they are all wonderful

  7. Yes, July does feel like a patriotic month. These photos make a wonderful set of note cards.

    Oh...sinkholes are scary. Glad that the road is closed for now. How good, though, to have relief from the drought. Here's to a lovely rest of July!

  8. All very pretty pics! I love the Pledge of Allegiance:@)

  9. Love all these great pictures of the red, white and blue. Sink holes really are a scary thing. My photos are also from North Carolina this week...

  10. These are wonderful photos for notecards Denise. I have never seen the flag in the first photo before. That's quite a combination. :) I hope that highway stays safe. My, that would be a terrible disaster! Enjoy the summer. Pam

  11. Love your beautiful note cards...
    and sink holes are sooo scary.

  12. LOVE your note cards, they look awesome!

    Well done.

  13. I love your patriotic note cards! So lovely. I wish you could send some of that rain to MO. We are beginning to need it! The road closing sounds serious, hope it doesn't get too bad there.

  14. I love your notecards and the theme, dear Denise! You've captured patriotism so perfectly for the month of July.
    How sad about the giant sinkhole in the road of the Blue Ridge Pkwy. We've had rain here the past three days and I'm so thankful. We're always in a drought during the summer. Hopefully, we will get more today. Enjoy your week. xo

  15. Here in the south of the UK we are sweltering in a heatwave, we are into the third week now, and its predicted to last into august. its too hot for me, I am daydreaming of a really good thunderstorm!

    Lovely blog by the way!

    Leanne x

  16. Beautiful, and yes -- so patriotic for July!

  17. That's a great assortment of patriotic photos! I wanted to stand up and salute, LOL! That sounds like a mighty bad crack in the parkway road. We've gotten soggy here in east TN too this year, and now it is hot, hot, hot. As soon as the calendar turns to July, I'm already thinking of autumn coolness.

  18. Denise, your renditions of Old Glory are so perfect. I love the historical buildings and displays that you have shown..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  19. A beautiful area of the country! Love the flags for your Note Cards. Perfect for this time of the year.

  20. I love your flag pictures! I'm passionate about Old Glory!


  21. Oh the Grand Union flag is fantastic! I love the show of colors.

    Have a happy weekend!

  22. Patriotic photos are my favorite. These all would truly make wonderful notecards. Speaking of all the rain and landslides, did you see on the news about Hwy 194 in Newland where the road slide down a hill into some homes. No one was hurt, thank goodness. But that section of road keeps getting worse each day with rain. I also saw that about the BRP. So sad. I had to look online to see exactly what section because I've been wanting to get back up to Mt. Mitchell.

  23. We hate the "d" word. Colorado is just emerging from a drought. We have had lots of rain this summer, breaking last year's drought. It is so nice to see green lawn instead of brown grass. Love the flag.

  24. Lovely patriotic photos! I am travelling, currently in Prague CZ where the weather is very hot!



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