Tuesday, March 29, 2016

A Trip to Replacements Ltd.

Those of you who haven't the slightest bit of interest in "dishes" -- china, crystal, silver, glassware, etc., might want to skip this post.  I just love dishes, etc., and periodically, it's fun for me to indulge myself.  Last Friday, Mr. Forest Manor and I went to Greensboro, had lunch, and then drove to Replacements, Ltd., which is just outside of Greensboro in McCleansville, N.C.  Five years ago, in 2011, we visited around Christmas time; my husband took a lot of pictures and I shared them in an after-Christmas post.

This time around, I went for the sole purpose of purchasing four cups and saucers to go with a set of my dishes.  I got those right away and then had so much fun looking around the store.  The displays were wonderful -- anything and everything spring and Easter.  I'd forgotten just how creative those folks are with their displays, and they have a small museum area as well.  They had even changed out many of the exhibits in the museum since our last visit.

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