Monday, July 10, 2017

A Bridal Shower

Hello -- how was your weekend?  Mine was great and very busy.  I had the pleasure of helping with a bridal shower for my niece, Anna -- my sister's only child.  We both just have one each, even though we wanted more.  They're almost exactly a year apart in age, so we've all been very close.

My mom and I were the hostesses of the shower because my niece doesn't have any bridesmaids.  She's having a private church ceremony with just the parents of the bride and groom attending.  Then they're having a reception afterward, which the rest of the family and friends are invited to.  I was the photographer yesterday, as well as helping serve the food.  My mom and I worked most of Friday afternoon preparing finger sandwiches, some spreads, and fruit dip.  The cupcakes and cake squares, along with a few other small things, were all purchased.

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