Thursday, March 10, 2022

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Hi everyone.  We've had radio silence over here at Forest Manor since the first week of February.   I'm very glad that Mr. Forest Manor was able to retire last October, but -- it's harder for me to find uninterrupted periods of time to work on my blog these days.  Often, just as I'm in the middle of doing something, my hubby asks if I want to go to the bookstore or go for a walk.  He's a little more restless at home than I am.  Have any of you experienced this same thing?  😉  We have certainly been busy, which is a good thing.  I mentioned in an earlier post some things we were hoping to get done to our house this year, but with inflation the worst in 40 years, we will have to put off our bathroom updates until next year(?) and hope things are better then.  
However, the project which we can do ourselves is to turn our third bedroom into a home office/hobby room for the two of us.  Since I last posted here, we have moved the bed, nightstand, dresser, and standing floor mirror to my mom's attic space for storage.  This was the bedroom suite my parents bought for me when I was ten years old, and I have always loved it.  When I moved into my first apartment, that bedroom suite went with me, and we've had it everywhere we've lived since Hal and I married.   
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