Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Bit of This and That

Well, it seems like I eventually end up saying it every year, and this year I was trying really hard not to say it, but yesterday was the day for me.  The words came out, even though I'm the only one that heard them, as my husband wasn't in the room at the time.  But I muttered it to myself -- "I Hate Summer."

I felt like a real grouch for saying it, but yesterday was not fun, folks.  Our air conditioner started acting wonky on Monday afternoon, but by dinnertime, it was working and the house was cool again.  Thankfully, we were all three able to get a good night's sleep that night.  Then on Tuesday, the house started heating up really fast.  Our regular guy that we've used for years wasn't available, so we called one of the really big companies in town.  They couldn't even think about seeing us until Thursday at the earliest.
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