Sunday, February 2, 2014

Puppy Update

Hi folks.  Thank you so much for your response to my earlier post showing pictures of our new pup!  You were all so encouraging and sweet -- I really appreciate it!!  I'm still a little nervous because for starters, I really miss MacDuff; and then it's been so long since we had a busy puppy in the house, I hope we can keep up.  We are excited, though, and looking forward to his arrival at our home.

The breeder sent us some really cute pictures yesterday, so as promised, I'll share them in order to keep you updated.  As of Friday, they were four weeks old, and as the breeder said in the e-mail, "...they're now halfway to your homes."  She has put collars on all the puppies in order to more easily distinguish the black females from the black males.  :)  I think they really look adorable in their plaid collars!

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