Monday, February 26, 2018

Call of the Wild

Some years ago, we had an owl in the woods behind our house, and after dark (especially in the fall) we would hear his call.  We often heard it when we were walking down the street, and he usually received an answering call from the trees nearby.  I loved to hear the owls; it was sort of a lonesome sound, but a homey one, too -- like the sound of a train whistle in the distance.  I could even hear them after I went to bed, but for some reason I don't hear them anymore.  It may be those new, double-paned windows, which do block out more sound, or the owls may have found another home.  I miss their soft hooting in the night.
Hal's photo of the supermoon -- 2011
  A few evenings ago, Mr. Forest Manor returned from a walk with Duncan to tell me they had heard the coyotes.  It's been a while since we've heard coyotes here, and I went outside with him to listen.  They were making quite a racket.  Unlike the owls in the trees, the coyote sounds were anything but comforting.  They were the loudest I'd ever heard them; I don't know if that meant they were closer to our house or if there were just more of them.  It sounded like a pack of coyotes, rather than just one or two. 
I was thinking about it afterward, and I think this sound awakens something very old in us, harkening back to our long distant, cave-dwelling ancestors.  Hal agreed with me that the sound coyotes make in the night is eerie, and for me, it raises the hair on the back of my neck.  We know that these physiological responses were passed down to us from our early ancestors and those responses can still warn us of danger.  I'm glad we keep Duncan on a leash when we walk him because coyotes are a menace to domestic pets.  I always wonder what response they arouse in Duncan; it's hard to tell because he doesn't seem to react much.  He probably recognizes the sound of a canine cousin, but these are not cousins he could pal around with.
I believe coyotes can be found in almost all parts of the United States now, even in urban areas.  Have you ever had one come into your yard before?  To our knowledge, we have not.  Have you heard coyotes howling in the night?
Thanks so much for stopping by -- I hope you have a lovely day!  


  1. I have not heard coyotes near us but I know they have been seen in our neighborhood. Their sounds would scare anyone!

  2. Not a sound I enjoy hearing. Good thing I have not heard it near me. I know that there were coyotes up in the hills not too far away... Hope that they’re as afraid of you as you of them.

  3. We have no coyotes on Vancouver Island. I have rarely heard them. Owls, now, we do have and I so much enjoy hearing their soft hooting in the evenings.

  4. We've had foxes but no coyotes yet. Amazing photo of the moon! Have a great week!

  5. Love the super moon pic. If you ever wonder what to blog about Hal could give tips on moon photography. I have tried and tried and failed. I know I don't have the proper lens.
    A few years ago in the daylight a coyote walked down the street right pass my house. I called to my husband when I saw him and he stopped and stared at me and then went on not hurrying at all.
    Pets have gone missing in our neighborhood. I've never heard them at night though.

  6. No coyotes here, but we do sometimes hear the foxes screeching in the dead of night.

  7. The super moon is awesome. We have coyotes here and I do hear them sometimes. I know they have to eat too, but I hate the thought of them getting a pet or even a cute rabbit. We have owls too. Sounds of nature.

  8. WE do hear coyotes here from time to time and now the fox have returned to the neighborhood, raiding hen houses and garage cans, but not ours. Our hen house is secure and the hens don't free range for that reason. In the more urban areas around Denver coyotes pose a very real danger for small dogs and cats. My daughter worries about her kitty all the time. Keep Duncan safe.

  9. I have never heard a coyote, but I was told by one of my neighbors, shortly before I rolled my trash cans to the curb that there was a coyote in my driveway. It sort of freaked me out. Despite the fact that I don’t have many trees in my subdivision because it’s a fairly new development, there is an owl living somewhere, because I can hear it at night. I love the sound of owls.

  10. I have a hawk that visits my tiny backyard very often, Denise. During my birthday week, he was there almost every day. I keep a log on his every visit.
    As for coyotes, I know they are around, but I have never seen one in my area...thank goodness! I'd love to see an owl, though.



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