Saturday, August 13, 2011

What's Up With Google Blogger Comments?

Is anyone else out there having trouble leaving comments on people's blogs??  I always try to reply to those folks who are kind enough to visit my blog and leave a comment.  And of course, I also try to visit the blogs on my blog roll and leave comments on various posts.  The point of this ramble is that for the last couple of days I've been trying to leave comments for people on my blog roll, and after typing what I want to say, when I press "Publish" I get this blank box with the following message at the top:  "Your current account does not have access to view this page."  How frustrating.  These are people who are following my blog, so why do I not have "access"?

Well, I'll just end by saying that there are some great posts out there at the moment, and I enjoy viewing them.  If you left a comment on my blog, and I don't reply, it's not because I didn't try to.  I just wondered if others are having this same problem.
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