Friday, June 17, 2011

Springtime Pinks on Campus

I'm linking this post to Pink Saturday hosted by Beverly at How Sweet the Sound.  Thank you, Beverly, for hosting this party every week!  These are a few photos from this Spring when we took our son back to college after his Spring Break.  The university was established in 1891; I love the look of the older buildings and the landscaping is really pretty as well.  There were also daffodils blooming the day we were there, but since this is Pink Saturday, I didn't include them in this post.  You can see the daffodils, along with other pictures of the campus in a previous post I did HERE.

A pretty pink tulip magnolia tree at the corner of a building.

This street is lined with a mix of tulip magnolia trees and Japanese cherry trees.

There is a tree with pink blossoms at the far right of this photo.  I can't remember if this was another cherry tree, or a Judas tree.  Judas trees are called red bud trees in our area, but the name is misleading.  The flowers are not red; they're a beautiful pinkish purple color.  They're one of my favorite trees.  Below are more pictures of the Japanese cherry trees.

The blossoms are such a pale pink they almost look white.  Thanks for visiting and Happy Pink Saturday to you!

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