Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Replacements, Ltd., Part II

Back in December, before Christmas, Mr. Forest Manor and I took a little trip to Replacements, Ltd., which is about an hour from our house.  It was decorated beautifully for Christmas; we saw some spectacular Christmas tablescapes.  If you'd like to see those, you can read the post HERE.

We took a lot of pictures that day; the showroom at Replacements, Ltd. is fairly large, and it is positively loaded with all kinds of china, crystal, sterling and silverplate, as well as Christmas ornaments, Toby Jugs, and other collectibles.  In my December post, I just focused on the Christmas dishes and decor to go along with the season, but I wanted to show you some of the other things there are to see at this amazing store.

This first section I'm showing is their museum exhibit.  All these items are for display only; nothing for sale.  These items had no price tags -- maybe because they're priceless?  Anyway, here we go.

This is a collection of the "Rothschild Bird" dishes by Herend.  Again, these particular pieces are not for sale, but I believe you can buy some of the dishes in the "Rothschild Bird" pattern through Replacements, e-bay, etc.  They are quite expensive.  Susan at Between Naps on the Porch did a post about this pattern last year.  She has some of the salad plates, and they really are lovely.

I love the way they've created this display of the bird in a tree with a necklace to go along with the china.

Here are a few cases containing sterling coffee and tea sets.

And below, you see sterling flatware, candlesticks, and other miscellaneous pieces.

This is a case of Haviland china, including Haviland "Limoges".

The set below is called "Summer Glory" by Shelley-England.  I love the soft pink background. Those flowers look like lilacs to me -- so delicate looking.

I loved this George Washington Portrait Plate.  I'm assuming that must be Martha on the plate to the left of him.

These Royal Worcester plates depict famous cathedrals in England.

The writing on the inner rim of this plate reads "Queen Elizabeth at Old Moreton 1589".

The placard on the right of this shelf is hard to read; I had to use the zoom feature on Picasa to be able to read it.  I thought it was interesting; it explained about the provenance of these dishes. They're called Royal Doulton Series Ware, and the card reads:  "Starting with a line of tableware featuring images of the Eglinton Tournament(?), Royal Doulton began producing their popular series ware with scenes from literary, historical and everyday British life.  The Dickens series ware was probably the most popular of these.  Featured here are a variety of "Coaching Days", "Queen Elizabeth at Old Moreton Hall", "Under The Greenwood Tree", and Historic England series ware pieces."

Anybody recognize the scene depicted on the plates below?  It's Robin Hood and his Band of Merry Men -- the pattern is "Under The Greenwood Tree", c.1909.

This is the fun part where you get to look at the cases and see if your china, crystal, or flatware patterns are on display.

Does anyone recognize their crystal or flatware in here?  It's hard to tell anything about the flatware because we didn't get a really close-up picture.

Here's my crystal pattern below on the left, "French Cathedral" by Gorham.  I bet yours is somewhere in here too. ;-)

Here are some pretty Spode patterns.  I like the "Herring Hunt".

On the top row in this picture below, I see two of my Johnson Brothers patterns; "His Majesty" and "Old Britain Castles-Pink".  To the right of the "His Majesty" pattern, is my Mom's blue and white pattern, "Indies-Blue"  I also spotted my Mother-in-Law's "Runnymede-Blue" Wedgwood pattern.

Third from the right, top row, is my Royal Doulton "Juliet".

My husband's grandmother had a huge set of the "Blue Danube" with lots of pretty serving pieces.  It's a beautiful pattern.  The pattern beside it called "Grenadiers" by Bernardaud is one of my favorite Christmas patterns, but definitely out of my price range.

So, did you spot your dishes in there anywhere?  It's fun to look, huh?  Next are some beautiful Belleek pieces.

Purely whimsical...we love Charlie Brown and friends at our house.

Miniature teaset atop a bright pink hat box...

I really LOVE this Cameo pitcher and bowl set made by Minton China. I think the cameo and the garland with bows is so elegant.

Well, that's it for our tour.  I hope you saw some things that caught your fancy.  It's fun to look, but we don't buy here often because most of the things are too pricey for us.  I have, however, found some pieces for my patterns that I wasn't able to find elsewhere.  If you're ever in the area and you get a chance to stop at Replacements, Ltd., it's definitely worth a visit.

Thank you for your visit and have a great day!  I'm joining the following people this week:

                                Pink Saturday, hosted by Beverly at How Sweet The Sound

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