Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tech Days and Blog Updates

I have some posts planned with the corresponding pictures already organized into web albums.  You know -- the pretty kind of posts that we all like to read and look at.  But I haven't written them yet for a couple of reasons.  One reason is that we are tackling a few projects around the house (more about that later), and the other reason is "techie" stuff.

You see, I felt the need to do some blog maintenance.  Yep, pretty dull, huh?  I think we're all aware that things are in the process of changing at Google Blogger.  I see lots of posts about it and lots of parties out there inviting people to get on board with the new Linky Follower tool.  It seems a bit confusing and at times, overwhelming.  While I may not try every new fad and feature that comes along, I do plan to continue blogging.  I've put a lot of work into my blog, as we all have.  It gives me a lot of gratification, so I hope I'll be able to understand the new changes to Google Blogger.

Anyway, the upshot of this rather rambling discussion is that I now have Linky Followers installed on my blog, even though I'm not sure I really understand how it works.  DH installed the new Linky Follower application a few weeks ago.  Previously I had installed the "Feedburner" and "Subscribe in a Reader" applications.  Well, technically, I started installing them, got a little more than halfway through, and reached the limit of my computer expertise.  Then DH was kind enough to finish for me.  As usual I said, "It doesn't look very hard; I think I can do it myself."  I really did believe that when I said it, but I don't think he's going to believe me next time.  Are we having fun yet?  Thankfully, DH is a patient man.

We still have to install the NetworkedBlogs application.  I've read about it in my blogging book, and I'm not looking forward to that little exercise.  Sigh.

But the exciting news (to me) is that I now have a blog button for House at Forest Manor.

That's right; it's at the very top of my sidebar, being a show-off at the moment.  I'll probably move it later.  That particular application I did not attempt to do myself.  I showed DH Susan's (at BNOTP) tutorial on how to make a button with HTML code, and he created mine for me.  I chose the image and the font.  I did observe the process, though, and I think I learned a lot.

I've taught myself a lot in Blogger and Picasa just by trying different things on my own.  I typically go to my Picasa and Blogging reference books first, and if that doesn't help, I just start clicking on different headings and icons.  As my husband says, "You're not going to break the Internet."

Tonight, I installed a Favicon on my blog, without DH having to assist.  Yay!  Rita May of May Days posted about Favicons back in September, and that caught my interest.  Rita May provided a link to a tutorial by Janet at Today's Fabulous FindsThe tutorial really is clear and easy to follow.  The first picture I chose didn't show up very well once it shrunk to the tiny size needed for the Favicon.  But I was happy with my next choice.   I used my "Old Britain Pink Castles" heart plate, which you can see in This Post.

So now I feel like I can write some fun posts again.  Until then, thank you for your visit, and I hope you're having a great week.

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