Wednesday, April 28, 2021

A Face Lift

Did you think I meant a facelift for me?  😎  LOL!  I could probably use one, but that's not really on my to-do list anytime soon (or probably not in this lifetime).  Anyway -- what will be getting a facelift is our house.  Yay!!  We've been saving our money and holding out until we could pay for this with cash, so our house will get a new roof, all our exterior trim work will get re-painted (and any repairs needed will be done).  Our four front-porch columns will be replaced, as some damage from rot has occurred.  We'll also get new shutters (probably the two panel style) and either a new front door, or at the very least, the existing door will be repainted.  We've gotten quotes over the last couple of weeks, and made our decisions, so I'm ready for the work to commence!!  
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