Saturday, July 11, 2015

Saturday News

Hello dear readers -- I hope you're having a good Saturday!  May I just say that I'm really glad to have the past week behind me?  Yep, it was one of those.  After a long day on Sunday, we discovered that night that we had a big water stain on the drop ceiling of our finished basement room.  My husband removed the ceiling tile, and a big bunch of water poured out all over some papers we had organized for filing.  We spent about an hour with a flashlight looking everywhere to determine the source of the leak.

Based on the location, it should have been the dishwasher, but the pipes in the basement ceiling were all dry.  Hubby removed the panel at the bottom of the dishwasher, and everything was dry as a bone.  I didn't use the dishwasher for a few days because I was kind of afraid to.  Then later in the week, we made plans to run it while we were watching the Tour de France; my husband went downstairs, and sure enough, water was dripping into the buckets we had arranged on the floor.  Upon removing the dishwasher panel again, we discovered that water was pouring onto the floor.  We're thinking one or more of the seals probably busted, and since the dishwasher is 20 years old, we just decided to buy a new one.  We had been thinking about doing that anyway; it's really noisy and my dishes had not been looking as clean lately.  I hate that we made a mess in the basement, but the up side is that we're getting a brand new dishwasher.  It's to be delivered and installed this coming Wednesday.  The new dishwasher is just like the one below, only ours will be white.

On Friday, the little boss man had some accidents in the house; he hasn't done that in ages, so I felt like something was wrong.  We took him to the vet when Mr. Forest Manor got home, and he has colitis.  We didn't have an appointment, so we had to wait a little while.  I'm pretty sure they moved us to the head of the line quickly because someone was making quite a fuss and getting all the other dogs stirred up.

I'm not naming any names, but he barked at two dogs, a cat, a rabbit, and three little girls (I'm not making this up).  The ladies working at the desk couldn't hear themselves talk when they got phone calls.  It was kind of embarrassing.

So was that an exciting week, or what?  How was your week?  Blissfully normal I hope.  :)  Thank you for visiting and have a great day!



  1. I see my favorite furry bad boy is up to his old tricks! Sorry to hear about the visit to the vet though, hope everything works out ok. Enjoy your new dishwasher! I wish I could have one but that would mean replacing my 60 year old plumbing... And I'm holding out on that as long as I can:@)

  2. Your week sounds like the one we had LAST week. This upcoming week can only get better, right?

  3. Ah, Denise, you have my sympathy regarding your leak. Part of our house came off worse in an argument with a leaking pipe recently and we've still to sort out the work needed to put things right. Aaargh! But, hey - a new dishwasher can't be bad...

  4. Oh sorry about the leak but glad you found the problem. You are the second person I've heard from today that is replacing a dishwasher. Duncan sounds like quite the handful. Glad he got treated. My week has been busy but we are finally back to empty house mode with all our company having flown home by Wednesday night. Now we are de-cluttering in anticipation of our kids moving into our basement the end of July!

  5. So sorry about the leak and the mess that it made. But at least you got a new dishwasher. I am so sorry to hear about Duncan. I do hope that he is okay now. Did he eat something that he shouldn't have?
    So glad that everything is working fine now at the House of Forest Manor.

  6. Oh, you poor thing! House problems and a sick doggy! Next week has to be a better one for you!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. Oh my goodness!!! I am so sorry to hear this. No doubt things will be better today! My very best wishes!

  8. Oh dear, Denise! At least you found the source of the leak and now you'll get a new dishwasher.
    Poor Duncan...hope the little fella will be okay, and that this next week will be a better one. Happy Sunday hugs are sent to you.

  9. Glad that you're getting a new dishwasher out of the calamity...I hate messes. Poor little guy...I was hoping that he was just worked up over the mess in the basement. Hope that he feels better soon.

  10. I hope your sweet Scottie gets well very soon! He is adorable!
    Best wishes,
    Laura Marec

  11. Hope your little guy is well soon and life returns to normal. You will like your new dishwasher I think--probably quieter and getting things cleaner.

  12. Goodness, I haven't been over to visit for a while Denise. Sorry you had the mess from the dishwasher, but happy you got a new one. My old one broke down when it was full :-( and I chose the Bosch brand - couldn't be happier.
    Although embarrassing, cute about your dog disrupting animals and humans at the vet's office.

  13. Oh, Denise, you make me laugh so hard. Well, not really you, I guess Duncan! I feel like I've known him for ages. I don't know why but I do. On another note what a pain to have the water leak, but glad you found out where it was coming from and yes, now you will have a pretty, sparkly new dishwasher. And when you get down in the dumps you are lucky to have Duncan to cheer you up!! Ha, Ha, He certainly did cheer me up..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  14. Oh Denise I am so sorry that you had water issues but your new dishwasher looks fantastic.
    Get well wishes to Mr. Furry Barker. :)
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  15. first visit, your house looks so carolina. I know how bad days can go. This
    week has had a few days I wanted to go back to bed. Will come back for another visit. yvonne



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