Sunday, February 2, 2014

Puppy Update

Hi folks.  Thank you so much for your response to my earlier post showing pictures of our new pup!  You were all so encouraging and sweet -- I really appreciate it!!  I'm still a little nervous because for starters, I really miss MacDuff; and then it's been so long since we had a busy puppy in the house, I hope we can keep up.  We are excited, though, and looking forward to his arrival at our home.

The breeder sent us some really cute pictures yesterday, so as promised, I'll share them in order to keep you updated.  As of Friday, they were four weeks old, and as the breeder said in the e-mail, "...they're now halfway to your homes."  She has put collars on all the puppies in order to more easily distinguish the black females from the black males.  :)  I think they really look adorable in their plaid collars!

Maybe you can see that I typed our puppy's name on him.  I love his red and yellow plaid collar.  Aren't the pink collars adorable on the little girls?

Notice they've gotten food in their fur now.  This looks like a real feeding frenzy.  :-D

And finally, the fellow on the left with the blue and purple collar has pretty much climbed into the bowl.  He thinks the food looks better on the other side of the bowl.

Normally, I'd be watching the Superbowl game tonight, but I can't bear to watch another second of this blowout.  It's the pits; I can't believe my team hasn't scored a single point.  I decided to work on my blog and visit some of you instead.  :)

I hope you've all had a nice weekend.  Thank you for your visit and your comments, and thank you to those of you who are brand new followers.  Have a great evening!!

I'm joining:  The Tablescaper for Seasonal Sundays, Cindy for Amaze Me Monday,
and Susan at BNOTP for Metamorphosis Monday.  Thank you ladies for hosting!


** I've had to add an update:  The Broncos just scored and got the two point conversion.  I'm really afraid it's too little too late, though.  Gee, listen to me being so pessimistic.


  1. Cute little puppies. You'll have fun with yours. Too bad about the game. We don't watch, but our area mostly roots for the SeaHawks.

  2. Little cuties! ...and apparently, very hungry:@) The game was a disappointment.

  3. My husband was disappointed too. I would say that I am, but in truth I'm just not a football girl. I don't get the game and am too lazy to try. (That's kind of embarrassing when you consider that I was once captain of the cheerleaders...)

    As for Duncan, I just love him and his entire little clan. Yes, I know it's a litter, but for a Scotty, I think it should be called a clan. I love the plaid collars, So precious!!

  4. He's gettiing so big. Love that color. Only a few more weeks now and he'll be home- wooooohoooo

  5. Awwww...the Puppies are so cute and Duncan will be a great addition to your family.

    I so understand about you missing MacDuff, we lost our 4 1/2 yr old Havanese, Benny on December 7, 2013. He was part of a 3-pack, along with a male Maltese and female Toy Poodle. In honor of Benny, we went ahead and brought a female Havanese Puppy into our Pack from our Breeder just a few weeks after Benny passed away. We'd been looking at her since before Benny died. She's been a blessing to hubby and I and our other 2 Pups and gets along so well with them both. We still miss Benny and Angel will never take his place.

    You'll enjoy Duncan, I know!! ♥

  6. Aww, they're so cute, Denise! I'll bet you're getting anxious for your little fella. xo

  7. Hubby has been looking for a dog,too. We may know today of he has one. We miss our Max so much, still. The house has been so quiet and bare without a dog. Looks like we may have a few notes to compare. Loved the books in the last post.

  8. So cute. I know you can't wait.

    Sorry about the game.

  9. Wow, they have grown quite a bit in a week. It won't be long and Duncan will be in his forever home!
    Have a great week, Denise.

  10. They are so cute! Can't wait to see him in person. Love you, Mom P.S. There certainly wasn't anything "Super" about that "Bowl."

  11. I love those collars. How cute. We watched the Super Bowl and I was pulling for the Broncos, too. Mostly just because I wanted John Fox to win. But between the blowout and the less than stellar commercials, I am very glad I didn't put the energy I normally do in to a party. I was just too exhausted this year and we painted the baby's room this past weekend, so that added to my exhaustion.

  12. The pups are so adorable. You must be very exited. Hubby found a pup at a shelter in Grant. NB, about 3 hours from here. If the weather clears up, we will go get him tomorrow. Of course, I will introduce him on the blog. So excited for you. I have always like Scottie's. They have such character. Hope you are warm.

  13. Denise, it won't be long until you have another sweet little Scottie. It will be interesting to see how his character develops. That's what is so nice about getting a puppy. You know he will be different from MacDuff but probably in some way the same.

    Can't believe that you are a big Denver fan, too!. At the end all I was rooting for was a touchdown so they wouldn't get shut out. Poor Peyton.

  14. So cute! Brings back memories of when my parents ran a kennel for collies. We loved the puppies so much. I didn't want to let any of them go. We were able to keep one and he grew up with us and lived until I was married with a child of my own. He took very good care of her not letting her get into any trouble.

    By the time Duncan is ready for you, you will be more than ready for him! He is going to be your beautiful boy in and of himself and you won't be comparing him to your darling MacDuff.

    Sorry about those Broncos...

  15. So sweet, the picture of the puppies. Before you know it Duncan will be home and then the fun starts! Hope you are having a good week!

  16. I have never been this excited over a puppy before! It won't be long now. :)

  17. Denise, I'm so sorry to hear about MacDuff. Our Buddy is 13 years old now and has to be carried out of the car and up the stairs. Not easy with a 90 pounder! I've mentioned to Jerry about getting another dog before he leaves us but he will not hear of it. We've lost dogs before so I know how hard it is going to be. I think you are smart getting a pup and wow, is he a cutie. I love his coloring..I'm still going to find your book post!..Happy Monday..Judy



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