Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A New Kind of Flameless Candle

Have you seen the new flameless candles with the realistic moving wick?  Oh wow, I love these!  I'm probably the last person to find out about them, since I'm always late to the party; but in case you haven't seen them, let me share with you.


I received this as a Christmas gift from my in-laws, and I just love it.  It has a timer, which I haven't figured out how to work yet, and it's remote compatible, but the remote control has to be purchased separately.  I don't need a remote control because where I have it sitting, it's no trouble to turn off manually.

This is a closeup of the candle when it's turned off.  I wanted you to see how the wick looks.  It's a thin piece of plastic that's attached to the candle with a small, thin wire.  When you turn the candle on, the wick starts to move, making it look like a real candle burning.  Isn't technology amazing?  :)

I took some time to think about where I wanted to put my new candle.  I've always wished I could have a lamp in our foyer, but they didn't install an electrical outlet in here when the house was built.  We could have one put in, but it's not that urgent.  This candle puts out a nice amount of light, so now I turn it on and it's just as cozy as a small lamp.

We had trouble getting a good picture in here last night because of our overhead lighting.  I love our chandelier, but it does beam a bright light right onto the objects on the tabletop, making everything look kind of blasted out.

I added a softening effect to the above picture; I can't decide if that helps or not .

Isn't this a pretty French lady? She's called Manon Lescaut, and you can read about her Here.  I especially like her because she reminds me of the statuary that my husband and I saw when we visited Brookgreen Gardens.  I like to fill our house with reminders of the places we've traveled in our life and with sentimental family pieces.  I bought two things with my Christmas money this year, and she was one of them.  :)

Now our foyer is so cheerful at night with just the light from this candle flickering and dancing on the ceiling and reflecting off the mirror.  Aren't you glad someone thought of fireless candles?  We can enjoy the look, feel, and scent of real candles without worrying about drips or setting our house on fire.  These candles are available in different sizes and colors on Amazon, if you're interested.

As always, thanks so much for your visit and for reading me.  I hope you have a great day!

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  1. I saw one recently at a friend's house and she has a high window near her front door and when it's lit its very welcoming. Because it's high she has a remote to turn it on and off. Just amazing! And it looks so real,

  2. I have seen these candles. We had a fire in our house years ago caused by a candle, so I am very cautious with candles. This one would be perfect.

  3. I have used luminara candles for a year and love love love them I have a total of eight in different rooms of my home. They sure fool people. Most think they are real. Look on the bottom where you turn it on it will say timer on one place and on in another . from the time you turn it on it will stay on for five hours and turn it self and it will come on the next night at that same time automatically. The batteries last a long time also. I know you will really enjoy them. Yarlette

  4. Pretty Denise, I need to check this brand out. Sounds like a great idea and I would like them. I have a battery operated candle that came in a lantern but the wick doesn't move. Thanks for sharing this.

  5. I really like the realistic look! When flameless candles first hit the market about 10+ years ago, I was thrilled. They have improved remarkably since then with the more realistic "flame", timers,'s wonderful! I had my shop way back when they first came out and bought a bunch. Now I have to justify getting rid of those and replacing them with the newer version. :-) I need to find them at a wholesale place. I like to buy dozens at a time, and retail prices just aren't going to cut it for me!

    Your foyer is beautiful and now much, much safer, too! Enjoy, and have a terrific weekend!

  6. You are definitely not the last person to discover them because I haven't heard of them or seen them either. I love that and now want some. I'm going to check out Amazon,

    And I do so love that table of yours and the way you dress it. I like the same kinds of things in my house.

  7. oh oh Love it ~! I need 5 of those:)
    thanks for sharing

  8. I love flameless candles Denise! I'm not familiar your version with the flickering wick, how fun and realistic. It's amazing how far candles have come in the last couple of years :)

  9. Actually, I've not seen those. I've seen the awful ones that are obviously fake. I need a few of those.

  10. I have seen those candles and love them…I really need to get one!…your vignette is beautiful…Have a great weekend!

  11. I have one that I leave on my table...very handy for both boys and cats. Now, though, I am burning a nutmeg candle atop the china cupboard and it smells heavenly. I love the wallpaper in your hallway and all the lovely things on the table there.

  12. I love those and really need some more! They are very realistic looking, arent' they? Thanks for the sweet visit!

  13. Hi Denise. I have quite a few flameless candles and use them for their safety. With a big dog with a long fluffy tail it is much safer in the house that way but I do love real candles the best. I have not seen your particular one so am going over to Amazon and check them out. With the moving wick I can imagine how real they would look. I haven't visited you for awhile and forgot that I have been a long time follower. Now I'm going to look up the post about your books..I love your walpaper, I think that is what attracted me to your blog in the first place..Happy Monday..Judy

  14. Hey Denise, your flameless candles are awesome...and safe too! My daughter has small ones that you can put them inside or all over the table for a setting. I love your big ones! Your flower base is lovely and I adore the bust! Thank you for your sweet and kind visit, my friend. Have a lovely week.

  15. Well, you are not as late to the party as me. This is the first I heard of them. What a fabulous idea. I love it and so perfect for your entry. Your pretty new bust is stunning too. I love the whole vignette. Thanks so much for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  16. Hi Denise,
    I do have a couple of flameless candles, but none with the flickering wick. Where you have it provides such a nice, soft glow. Thank you for the link to amazon, dear friend. Hope all is well with you. xo

  17. HI Denise! Well, I guess I'm the only one to have not seen one of these. Looks pretty and nice. I love our vignette too.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  18. I love these candles! I don't have one myself, but have given them as gifts. Definitely on my list of "for me" ,purchases. You can also get them at at decent prices. Yours is truly lovely in your home. Jane

  19. Hi Denise,

    So nice to meet you!

    What an absolutely beautiful home you have! I'm in love with the pretty wallpaper and your sweet vignette with this flameless candle, which I have never seen before! What a lovely surprise for the eyes!

    Thanks so much for visiting Poppy View and hope to see you again soon!


  20. I have seen these for sale on QVC, they are really cool! I saw some people complain they didn't like how the flame looked from the side, but I think they look pretty nice myself. I love battery-operated candles. Safe, auto on and off, what's not to like? I host a weekly link party Tue-Fri called History & Home, if you'd like to join, we'd love to have you. This would be perfect. Take care - Dawn @ We Call It

  21. Beautiful entry you style! Yes, I've seen these candles and it's such a good idea having a nice glow without a real flame...adds such a nice touch to your entryway.
    Stay warm...



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