Saturday, March 9, 2013

Brookgreen Gardens, Part Two

I have some more pictures to share with you from Brookgreen Gardens today.  You can see my earlier post from February Here.  Brookgreen Gardens is located in Georgetown County, South Carolina.  As I noted previously, these public gardens are situated on a 9,100-acre property which was formerly four separate rice plantations.  Brookgreen Gardens includes a Lowcountry Zoo, a self-guided history and nature walking trail, a Butterfly House (opened in Spring 2011), and a 50-acre sculpture garden.  So far, we've only toured the Sculpture Gardens; there's just so much to see and take in.

We were there the last weekend of March, so there were lots of spring bulbs in bloom.

The tulips were spectacular.

The sculpture was pretty amazing, too.  The sculpture pieces I'm sharing today are almost all of children and/or animals.

I love this charming sundial with the little boy and lamb.

These are so lifelike!  The boy poking at the bullfrog with a stick just makes me smile.

I've decided after walking through these gardens that flowers and sculpture were meant to go together.

This statue of a girl swinging on a rope seems to be suspended in mid-air.  These photos were taken in an area designated as a children's garden.  It was arranged around one of the old plantation buildings; I'm thinking maybe one of the original kitchens.  You can see the house behind the girl in the above picture and in the picture below.

I love this part of the exhibit.  The tortoise caravan is too cute!

I love this one with the big bird on top of the suitcase.  This one's for you, Barbara.

There's even a water canteen hanging from one of the suitcases.

Are you reading this Lynn and Earl?  :-D

I love this little fellow.  I think he must be a caterpillar or an inch worm -- so cute!

This next group of sculptures was near where we exited the garden.

For some reason, they make me think of a Norman Rockwell painting.

Beautiful and fragrant Wisteria...

Doesn't this look like the epitome of a romantic, southern garden?  I've always thought the Spanish moss added a sort of mysterious allure to these old plantation gardens.

My husband and I would love to return to Brookgreen Gardens for another visit.  He was as fascinated by them as I was, and that's not always the case.  :)  I hope you've enjoyed your virtual stroll through the sculpture and flower gardens.  Thank you for your visit, and I wish you a wonderful weekend with sunshine and blue skies.

I'm joining the following:
 Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for Pink Saturday
The Tablescaper for Seasonal Sundays
Mary at Little Red House for Mosaic Mondays

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  1. thank you for sharing your tour with us!
    HapPiest PS joys to you ...

  2. Your tour through Brookgreen Gardens was a lovely way to start my day. I sat here sipping coffee and pretending I was really there :). It looks like a beautiful spot to visit and someday I hope to get there for real.
    I do love sculpture in the garden and these are just wonderful. Great photos!!

  3. A lovely garden...seems a good day for sharing gardens in Blogdom. I've seen two posts on Butchart Gardens today, but none with the statuary you've shared. Wonderful!

  4. What a beautiful garden, thank you so much for sharing. I love all the statuary in the gardens. I love love flowers and so happy that Spring is on the way.
    Have a great weekend.

  5. That is gorgeous! I love pretty gardens don't you? This is breathtaking.


  6. Beautiful photos. Looks like spring has arrived there and what a lovely time you must have had. The statues are all so delightful and I bet it is a garden that children would very much enjoy.

  7. I love gardens and have really enjoyed your tour of Brookgreen. The tulips!!!! Oh, my! Heaven!!! Happy Spring!

  8. What gorgouse pictures, Denise! It's so rejuvenating visiting a garden, isn't it? I guess it's the colors, the smells and just being out in all the beauty. Having statues in the garden just adds on whimsy and interest, don't you think? Happy Sunday to you. xo

  9. Look at that face-How fun!!! He's even prettier than Earl:@) The gardens are beautiful Denise, I'm really looking forward to spring this year! Thanks for the shout-out and Happy Weekend:@)

  10. It was a wonderful tour, the gardens are lovely. The Tulips are beautiful. And I love, love, love ALL the sculptures. Thanks for sharing, have a lovely week ahead!

  11. what magnificent spring bulbs! so beautiful. And I just love that statue of the girl swinging on the rope.
    Have a wonderful week. I am linking up to you through Mosaic Monday.

  12. What a beautiful visit and magnificent garden.

    Great to have you be a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  13. This is just awesome. I have thought this before, but I'll say it now. Of all the blogs I follow, yours does the best job of taking me on a photo tour. You could be a professional travel blogger or something.

    My favorite part was the tortoise caravan until I got to the end with the flag raising. That is just wonderful, and I agree that it brings to mind a Rockwell painting.

  14. What a marvelous place to visit, the garden flowers and sculptures are so rich in beauty!

  15. Denise, I did enjoy the stroll through the beautiful gardens. Such a large collection of statuary! I think the turtles are my favorite. The tulips are exquisite. I am so glad for you your husband enjoyed it too. You are right. That is not always the case. Thanks for sharing the gardens with us.

  16. These photos make me want to get myself to Biltmore House this spring. I wanted to go last year and didn't make it.
    I just love that pig. So cute. We are going to have to visit this garden next time we are in SC. Beautiful photos!



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