Friday, March 8, 2013

So Nice To Meet You (and Other Random Thoughts For the Day)

Hi everyone!  I've had a really "off" week since I published my last post a week ago.  I just wanted to say to those of you who have kindly visited my blog this week, your visits and comments have been noted and appreciated.  I normally try very hard to visit back and reply to you and read your posts, but it just hasn't happened this week.  I apologize and will visit as soon as I can.

This post doesn't focus on any one subject in particular; I just had some thoughts I wanted to share.  First of all, have you noticed my new blog header?  I want to give a shout out to Barbara at 21 Rosemary Lane for her great tutorial on how to make a blog header using PikMonkey.  Thank you Barbara!  Barbara is multi-talented, and she has a lovely blog, just in case you haven't already seen it.

I had been making all my headers using Picasa and Google Blogger, but the last time I tried to change the color of my title, Blogger wouldn't cooperate.  It's like that particular application (which I've been using since Day One of my blog) had ceased to function.  Very frustrating!  So when I spotted Barbara's post and tutorial on my blogroll, I just had to try it.  She gave very clear and easy-to-follow instructions, and I'm always appreciative of that.  I had so much fun, I've already made my Easter header.  :-D

The funny thing is, I've started to like the technical aspect of blogging -- playing around with the way things look on my blog.  That's kind of scary; I never thought I'd say that...out loud.  :)  I still don't get HTML though; I think that will have to be for another day.

The next thing I wanted to mention is how many lovely people I've gotten acquainted with online, and I hope to meet more of you in person someday.  I wrote several months ago that I got to meet my friend, Barbara from Staten Island, who blogs at Two Birdies and a B. at the Southern Bloggers Conference last fall.  She came all the way to North Carolina for our first conference in Raleigh, and it was such a pleasure to meet her!  I met Shirley at Housepitality Designs, another North Carolina blogger, and a very sweet, talented lady.

I also met Kari of Thistlewood Farms who lives in Kentucky.  Kari was one of the bloggers who received the "2012 Country Living Blue Ribbon Blogger Awards."  Kari was featured in Country Living magazine this month as one of the best new bloggers for decorating.  Kari was also one of the speakers at the Southern Bloggers Conference, and she did a great job!  She's so sweet, friendly, and talented; and she's absolutely a character.  I mean that in the nicest way, Kari, if you're reading this.  Kari has a unique, fun style of writing, and her posts always make me laugh.  If you haven't visited Thistlewood Farms yet, I hope you'll do that soon!  Kari is a real people person, and some days I think I'm more like Linus Van Pelt.

My husband and I love Charles Schultz and the Peanuts gang, and we joke about this particular quote a lot.  So lest you think I'm a terrible curmudgeon, I promise I do like people; but some days I just don't get them, and they probably don't get me either.  How about you?  :-D

I bet that many of us have wished at certain times in our lives that we could have the chance to have a do-over; you know, choose to do something differently than you did the first time around.  I feel that way about many things.  I really wish I had a do-over when it comes to Kitty at Kitty's Kozy KitchenKitty and her husband were in North Carolina last August to visit Asheville and to tour the Biltmore House.  Kitty e-mailed me and asked for suggestions on where to visit near the Asheville area.

Kitty lives in Texas, and I was so excited that she was coming to North Carolina.  I wish now that I'd been more assertive and offered to meet her for lunch one day in Asheville.  But we had just returned from a trip to the mountains near Asheville, it was really hot there at the time, and I was kind of worn out from our trip.  As well, I didn't feel like I could just take off and leave again right away.  I didn't know if she and her hubby really wanted extra company, and I hated to intrude.   But I would love to meet Kitty; she is such a special person and the sweetest blogging friend.  Plus, all her recipes look really good.  :)

Another special blogging friend I would love to meet in person is Bonnie from Living With Thanksgiving.  Bonnie also has a lovely blog, and she's a really talented gardener.  She's a sweetheart, and I always enjoy her comments.  We've talked on the phone a few times, and maybe one day we'll meet face to face.

In winding up this post, I wanted to share that I met someone online strictly through something I had pinned on Pinterest.  This led her to my blog, and from there she contacted me through e-mail.  She kindly sent me a complimentary copy of a book she's written, and I'll be doing a post on it next month.  Blogging has definitely broadened my horizons!

I can't mention all the bloggers that I want to today, or my post would be way too long.  So, I'm going to do more posts on the talented folks, and their blogs, that I look forward to seeing on my blogroll every day.  To those of you who read my blog, some I know by name, and many others I don't -- Thank You for reading!!!  Your interest helps inspire me to keep writing.

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend!



  1. Wow, I almost didn't recognize the new look! I liked the old look, too. I also saw the tutorial but my brain doesn't work like it used to, I would have to really focus and do one step at a time. I am grateful for my Fairy Blogmother, Linda! One day maybe we will all get to go to a bloggers' conference and hang out with our faves, and meet new ones. xo

  2. Denise!

    Happy happy day to you! Love the new look and thanks so much for the shout out!

    Have an awesome and blessed weekend!

  3. The header looks fantastic. I've had the same problem with changing colors...I can have any color I want as long as it's green.

    I "know" a couple of the gals you've mentioned and couldn't agree more. There are many beautiful souls in Blogdom.

  4. Awww thanks for mentioning me in your post, Denise! I FEEL like I know you already. Isn't it amazing the connections we find in blogging?? Hopefully one day we'll get to meet in person, but for now it's so nice that we can have instant reaches through email. I have found so many people out in Blogland that are such kind, caring, thoughtful souls, with YOU being one of them. Thank you for your friendship and your kindness. xo

  5. I forgot to mention that I LOVE your new header!! You're so talented!

  6. Hi Denise...your new header is terrific!!! I love it! Thank you so much for the shout out...I always appreciate being blabbed about on other bloggers blogs. I agree with you on learning the technical aspect of blogging...I barely knew waht cut and past meant before I got into blogging. Now I surprise myself with what I have learned and actually like to do. The bloggers in this area of blogging are some of the most wonderful and caring people you'd ever want to me, and the talent out there continually blows my mind.

    This is such a lovely post...thank you again for the mention.
    Have a great weekend!
    XO Barbara

  7. I was just admiring your new header. I may have to check out the tutorial and see what I can do. I haven't changed mine in forever. You are such a sweet person online, I couldn't equate you to Linus. Ha ha. But I know what you mean. Sometimes I feel the same way.
    This is the year we meet. I just know it. Things are going to slow down for us starting next month, so maybe we can plan to get together for lunch sometime soon.



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