Tuesday, March 29, 2016

A Trip to Replacements Ltd.

Those of you who haven't the slightest bit of interest in "dishes" -- china, crystal, silver, glassware, etc., might want to skip this post.  I just love dishes, etc., and periodically, it's fun for me to indulge myself.  Last Friday, Mr. Forest Manor and I went to Greensboro, had lunch, and then drove to Replacements, Ltd., which is just outside of Greensboro in McCleansville, N.C.  Five years ago, in 2011, we visited around Christmas time; my husband took a lot of pictures and I shared them in an after-Christmas post.

This time around, I went for the sole purpose of purchasing four cups and saucers to go with a set of my dishes.  I got those right away and then had so much fun looking around the store.  The displays were wonderful -- anything and everything spring and Easter.  I'd forgotten just how creative those folks are with their displays, and they have a small museum area as well.  They had even changed out many of the exhibits in the museum since our last visit.

This is the table that greets you when you walk into the large showroom.  Doesn't this just shout spring?  It's such a pretty feast for the eyes!  They don't simply have dishes stacked on plain shelves everywhere; their merchandise is displayed on beautiful pieces of furniture like the above table, as well as china cabinets, hutches, and glass display cases like the one behind the table.

I also love the fact that the tables are complete with gorgeous flower arrangements,

as well as beautiful linens, crystal, and flatware.  I love the way they've displayed this dainty napkin.  The napkin is topped with a paper doily and tied up with sheer, yellow ribbon.  Charming for a spring table setting.

I fell in love with this place setting and these gorgeous dishes.  Unfortunately, I didn't get the name of the pattern, I just know the salad plate and bread and butter plate are made by Coalport.  You can read more about Coalport china Here.  This china looks so elegant, and all the plates are lovely together.  I wouldn't turn the silver down either.  ;)

Back to the first table -- I love these dishes, too!!  I don't know what the largest plate/charger is, but the dinner plate pattern is Wedgwood "Wild Strawberry."  I've never seen this pattern before, but it's so pretty; love the little vines with leaves and the dainty strawberries and blossoms.  I couldn't see a label for the salad plate (green and white polka dot) but it's charming -- love it too!!  I've never been able to resist polka dots.  :)  Now about the ruby glass bowl; I wouldn't have thought to use that because it seems like it ought to go with a winter setting, like a Christmas table.  But the Wedgwood pattern has red strawberries, and this seems to work.

Here's a  darling cup and saucer and a beautiful Waterford goblet (on the left).  I just noticed while typing this post that I have a vase very much like the one to the right of the teacup and saucer, but mine is a pale pink color.  My mom purchased it for me at an antique store.

My vase is above with the pink and white roses.The design and shape look the same to me; what do you think?

Also on the table are little birds, a few ceramic bunnies, and some Bordallo Pinheiro cabbage pieces.

I made sure to include these two coordinating salad plates in a picture because I think they're so pretty with the green and yellow borders.   They also come with a pink border, as well.

You can see the Wedgwood "Wild Strawberry" salad plates hanging on the wall above, next to the glass display case.  I have to tell you I was very tempted to buy something, anything, from this pattern, but being Wedgwood, it's rather pricey.  I still might consider a cup and saucer or one of those coordinating salad plates sometime down the road.

Here's a beautiful tureen with lid and those Waterford goblets with the red band.

The cute little spring animals (chicks, rabbits, and birds) on the table were also for sale.

These silver salt cellars are trés elegant, and I like the pink sherbet stems.

Here was another table done in a more contemporary style.  The sign on the table read "Gray Is The New Black."  I can't see me picking out these goblets, but they really looked great with these dishes.  They're kind of a smoky, charcoal gray.  The dishes in this setting are 222 Fifth "Adelaide Yellow" and "Adelaide White."  The lighting in parts of this showroom made it tricky to take good pictures.

All the yellow, gray, and white made for a pretty table.

Staying with the more modern themes, these dishes were pink, gray, silver, and white.  The card on the table read "Tickled Pink," and the display and table setting had a wedding theme/vibe.  There are hip flasks with sparkle and bling, and the goblets have a very modern look.

Sorry for the quality of the pictures here.

This is one of the big china cabinets I mentioned earlier.

This particular display is set up to show off the Pantone colors of the year for 2016.

Notice the cream-colored card above that says "Fresh and Calm for 2016" with the pink and blue color swatches?  Pantone selects a color of the year every year, but this year they chose two colors instead of one.  They're a soft pink and blue, "Rose Quartz" and "Serenity."

I think somebody had a lot of fun making this display a very retro pink and blue.  :-D

This is the last set of dishes for today's post.  This was the only other actual table setting/tablescape I saw that day.  Once again folks, I'm in love with these dishes.  Aren't they perfectly old-fashioned and elegant, too?  The pattern is Lenox "Lenox Rose;" a 54-piece set here is $749.95.  By the way, the blue goblet in the background matches perfectly with the blue flowers in the dishes.

Of the five china patterns I've shown you, do you have a favorite?  I tend to lean toward the older, bone china; I really am so impressed with the artistry and workmanship of these pieces.  I appreciate your patience with this long post; we took a lot of pictures, so there will be more parts to the post.  Next time, I'll share another part of the showroom.

A sneak peak -- beautiful blue and white.  Thank you so much for your visit -- you always make my day!

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  1. OMG the gorgeous dishes! They're all lovely and so pretty for Spring, but I'm smitten with the first ones, the yellow and gray, wow, so elegant and yet so fresh and happy. perfect for the season! The flowers are great and the napkins folded in the paper doily are so sweet.
    I'm so glad you got what you wanted and had a wonderful trip. I'm pinning this.
    Hope you had a lovely Easter.

  2. Oh I am so jealous!!!! When I lived in Graham, I drove by there a million times and never went in. I was not a dish collector, then, thank goodness! I'd love to visit, and love your peek inside:-)

  3. Delightful post! Would love to wander there someday! Thank you!

  4. I didn't realize they had a shop you could go to. I have ordered things on line from them. What fun it would be to walk about the shop!

  5. I could really have a fun in a place like that! They really know how to showcase the dishes to their best advantage...beautiful settings.
    I often check to see what they have in BP and I think I have far more colors than they do. There are several colors that they have no pieces in, boo hoo. I pick up pieces here and there whenever I see them.
    Have a great week, Denise.

  6. Oh my goodness, Denise, I am oohing and ahhing my way through your post and photos!!! How I would love to visit Replacements, just to look at all the pretty dishes. I'm simply in love with the Wedgewood Strawberry pattern, and oh my, the Lenox Rose...gorgeous!! Thank you for sharing the beauty!

  7. What a dish lover's dream! Why do they discontinue all the best patterns? I love both the Wild Strawberry pattern And the Lenox Rose. Both so beautiful!

  8. So many pretty pieces! I'd just drool my way through there. It's fun to see them all.

  9. I am soooo envious! I love, love this post! I am ALWAYS on their website, it's a good thing it's so far away. I'd be in real trouble! Thank you so much for sharing this!

  10. I'm considering stopping by there next week, but you have given such a wonderful tour maybe I don't need to. I haven't been there in a long while, but have started getting some emails from them about some bowls I was looking for. It's an amazing place, isn't it? Fun post!

  11. Denise, how I wish my dear mother and I had been able to visit Replacements Ltd together. I inherited my china addiction from her, and that was our favorite kind of shopping. In fact, it's the only kind of shopping I enjoy.

  12. I have ordered from Replacements Ltd. but never had the pleasure of visiting. It is pure eye candy to me. I would spend hours in there. Your photos are stunning. Have a wonderful weekend.

  13. I have never had the opportunity to visit Replacements Ltd.
    I hope to be able to visit one or find something along those lines.
    Visiting them would be even better than visiting a candy store.
    I have several mismatched china sets that go back to my great grandmother-so you can imagine how fragile they are.
    This was just delightful, thank you for sharing this wonderful post with us at Thoughts Of Home on Thursday!

  14. OMG, I think I died and went to heaven. So many beautiful stunning dishes. thanks so much for sharing this wonderful trip.

    Have a great week.

    1. I don't see a place to comment, but I just wanted to say that your post will be featured today at Foodie Friday and Everything Else. I just adored it.

  15. Visiting from Foodie Friday, loved your post. I am a dish-aholic,and it is a good thing that this place is 5 hours away, I would be there all the time! Thank you for sharing the wonderful eye candy tablescapes.

  16. Wow how fun! I'd have to have a list to shop with or I'd be overwhelmed there! I have some of the Adelaide pattern which came from T.J. Maxx but of course they only sell a few pieces. I had no idea there were accessorie pieces to go with it. Too bad I don't have a lot more room to store more dishes! Thanks for sharing this fun post of your visit there!

  17. I cannot thank you enough for allowing us to visit Replacements too! WOW....just WOW!
    My grandmother, Estelle, was an avid antique collector and had a huge array of china, glassware and figurines! I think I inherited her love of all things beautiful! This is just paradise for those of us who collect and admire all these beautiful items! I wish I could visit....with a pocket full of money!!! Thank you love!

  18. Honored that my sister took me there about 6 years ago. Truly is china heaven. And bought two Blue Willow platters in the seconds department plus a couple lovely teacups and saucers for gifts. A special place to see chintz ware and flow blue, my favs.



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