Monday, August 1, 2022

Reynolda Gardens 2021

Would you like to take a (virtual) walk through Reynolda Gardens with me today?  These pictures are actually from last year, but we can look at them in the cool and comfort of our own homes.  Reynolda Gardens are part of the original R. J. and Katharine Reynolds estate in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  R. J. and Katharine's daughter, Mary Reynolds Babcock, loved the formal gardens at Reynolda, and after her death in 1953, her husband donated the formal gardens and greenhouses to Wake Forest University, with specific instructions to preserve the space as a community resource.  There is no charge for admission at Reynolda Gardens, and that's a real plus in my book.  😉

I'm so excited to re-discover these gardens, in the city where I lived for a large portion of my life.  The few times I ever visited Reynolda Gardens, they didn't make a big impression on me, because I don't think they've ever looked this good during my lifetime.   I recently read that a new director was hired for the gardens in 2018, and he has many years of prior horticultural experience at High Point University and the arboretum at North Carolina State University, his alma mater.  He is certainly doing an amazing job at Reynolda Gardens, in my humble opinion.  :)  

Love these different colors of sunflowers.

This is my favorite color of zinnia -- aren't they gorgeous?


I like that they've incorporated vegetables into the gardens, as well -- ornamentals as well as edibles, all growing in the same gardens.

This was one of my favorite things we saw.  Isn't this the cutest stack of bee boxes?!  I think this is such a clever idea and so artistic -- one more way to add beauty to the garden.  

More gorgeous zinnias.

These pictures were taken right around sunset, so the light was very soft and pleasant.  I would love to visit and see what's growing there this year, but frankly, it's just been too darn hot.  If you're outside for more than 20 minutes, you're starting to perspire.  Maybe this fall will be better.  
I hope you enjoyed our walk.  Part 2 of this post will feature the rose garden; it was very pretty.  If you're interested in learning more about the history of Reynolda Gardens, here is a site with some good information.  I find all of this fascinating, because R. J. Reynolds and the company he built was such a big part of the history and growth of the city of Winston-Salem.  
Thanks so much for your visit today; I hope you have a good week!  I'll be joining the other talented people at "Metamorphosis Monday," hosted by Susan at Between Naps on the Porch.    


  1. We were at Reynolda Gardens a few years ago. It is lovely to see it again through your camera lens. Great photos!

  2. That's a splendid garden! What a resource for your community.

  3. Such a sweet garden to visit. Love that painted stack of bee boxes, too. Happy August to you!

  4. Denise, I always enjoy a garden tour and this one is beautiful. We visited Winston-Salem many years ago. Thank you so much for sharing and wishing you a lovely week.

  5. Beautiful garden Denise. I love touring gardens. The stacked bee boxes are so fun. Love seeing the variety of flowers.



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