Saturday, January 27, 2018

Rod Stewart and The Great American Songbook

Hi Friends!  The weekend's here and I'm always glad for that.  Have you had a good week?  I'm still enjoying winter here in North Carolina.  It feels like we're actually having an honest-to-goodness winter this year, unlike last year.  However, I can tell the days are getting longer now, and I'm glad to see that, too.  I'm trying to enjoy all the seasons to the best of my ability.
 ☃ ☂ ๐ŸŒž
Since we got our Sonos sound system last year, I've really enjoyed listening to music even more than ever.  Before Christmas, Hal ordered a compact Sonos speaker for the kitchen.  I had never thought of having one in there, but I'm enjoying that too.  Hal can watch television in the den, and I can listen to music in the kitchen -- what's not to love?
So what have I been listening to?  I'm so glad you asked.  ๐Ÿ˜Š  
If your clever guess was Rod Stewart -- you're right.  I find it so interesting that a former rocker can transform into a crooner.  I've always been a Rod Stewart fan folks.  I wouldn't say that I loved all of his music, but this girl has always thought "Maggie May" was the best song ever.  I was 11 years old when this song was released, and I'm sure they must have played it on the radio a lot.  That mandolin solo caught my attention, and I was forever hooked.  
Back in the days before music CD's, Apple i-Tunes, Bluetooth, live streaming, etc., we used to listen to the radio.  Mostly in the car, but also at home.  I loved listening to the radio, and we thought it was a big deal when we got FM.  I liked most of the current bands that were popular when I was growing up -- all the way through the 80's.  Then there came a point when I decided that what was current was no longer "music to my ears," so I don't listen to the radio so much anymore.  Thankfully, Hal and I have a good-sized collection of music and we can listen to that to our heart's content.
Several years ago, Hal gave me a new CD by Rod Stewart titled "It Had To Be You -- The Great American Songbook."  I wasn't aware that Rod had recorded this, but I figured I'd give it a listen.  I was really surprised at how well his voice fit these songs -- I would never have thought so.  We have three volumes of this series -- old standards from the '30's and '40's.  Such romantic songs; they don't write them like this anymore.  You can read some reviews of the first album Here  -- the reviews really sum it up better than I can.
I hadn't listened to these CD's in quite a while, and for some reason, I decided to play them earlier this month.  Then I Googled Rod Stewart to find out more about him. First of all, Rod is now Sir Roderick David Stewart, CBE.  He was knighted in the 2016 Birthday Honours (part of the Queen's official birthday celebration) for services to music and charity.  In 2000, Rod was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, undergoing surgery in the same month.  The surgery also threatened his voice, and he had to re-learn to sing.  Since then he has been active in raising funds for the City of Hope Foundation charity to find cures for all forms of cancer, especially those affecting children.  Source
Rod Stewart was born in Highgate, London, England in 1945.  His father was Scottish and his mother was English.  Rod's two big interests growing up were music and football (soccer).  "They're the only two things I can do actually; play football and sing."  When he first started performing, he acquired the nickname of "Rod the Mod" because of his dandyish style of grooming and dress.  
I had a suite mate in college who was a serious Rod Stewart fan, and she called him "Rod the Bod."  ๐Ÿ˜‰  Kim, if you're out there buddy, this one's for you.  At age 73, Rod the Bod is still going strong with live concerts and tours. 

 Keep smilin' Sir Rod.  
Thanks to all of you who stopped by today.  I so appreciate your visits and comments. 


  1. I’m smiling. ๐Ÿ™‚ I am very intrigued by your sound system and will do more research. I had an opportunity to purchase a BOSE system at a greatly reduced price when my daughter talked me out if it. ๐Ÿคจ I miss my cds!

  2. Some of our friends have Sonos and it's amazing - whatever music you like, wherever you want it. We still use CDs and my old MP3 player - would be lost without music. Note to self: Must sell the old vinyl and mum's collection of 78s... By coincidence, we were listening to a bit of Rod last night (Atlantic Crossing); not a huge fan, but enjoy some of his stuff - his early material was great.

  3. I'm with you, Denise, I have all Rod's Great American Songbook albums! I can't listen to the radio anymore either, and have an ipod that plugs into the car's system so I can have my music and no commercials. There are dozens of genres on it to suit the mood I am in, from 70-80s heavy metal to classical and new age.



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