Monday, February 12, 2024

Valentine's Day With Juliet

This year I decided to set a Valentine's Day table with our wedding china, because even though I chose it many years ago, I still love it (just like my husband). 💘💟💕 The last two days here have been totally gloomy with very little sunshine, so the lighting isn't the best for these pictures.  In spite of that, I really enjoyed putting this table together, and I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Perhaps you noticed the two wine glasses sitting at the end of the table (above) instead of at their respective place settings?  Once again, I got ahead of myself and forgot to double-check the table before I started snapping pictures.  Then, of course, I had to go back and re-take several photos.  Sigh.

The dishes are "Juliet" by Royal Doulton, and we received these in 1987, the year we were married.  Most of you have seen these before; I'm not someone who has umpteen sets of dishes, so I tend to re-use what I have.  The crystal is "French Cathedral" by Gorham, also in our wedding registry.  I placed a vintage-looking Valentine card at each place setting for added color and interest.  These are "Punch Studio" cards, one of my favorite card and paper companies, and I bought them at our local Barnes & Noble four years ago.

These were a box of cards, and each card is a different design.  I love that they also have some blue mixed in, since it accents the blue in my dishes.
I began with these vintage crocheted placemats, belonging to my mom.  I like lace for Valentine's Day, so I was very excited to get these placemats for our table.  Thank you, Mom!  The sterling is International Silver, "Grande Regency", and was passed down to us from my mother-in-law.  

 Pink velvet ribbon was used in place of napkin rings on the napkins.  

I like to use roses with these dishes when I can find the right color, since roses are featured on the china pattern.  These miniature roses came from Trader Joe's; I've never used mini roses on a table before, and I just love these. 

And the other two cards --

On Saturday, Hal surprised me with these handmade chocolates,

from L. A. Burdick.  Ironically, I had just been reading about these chocolatiers on another blog last Friday but had not mentioned it to Hal.  I couldn't believe it when he gave me these the next day.  These are definitely for a special occasion!

One of their signature candies are these little chocolate mice.  Is this not adorable?!  There was one white chocolate mouse and two brown ones in the box, but the dark ones were harder to photograph. 

Since I only had three mice, I put a heart-shaped chocolate on the fourth bread plate.  

Yesterday evening, I took some candlelight photos while the hubs was watching the Super Bowl.  

Thank you so much for visiting!  Do you have any plans for February 14th?  Either way, I hope you enjoy your day.  I'll be joining some other dish lovers at Between Naps on the Porch for "Tablescape Thursday".    
Have a great week!



  1. From what I can see, the china is beautiful...Hope you have a sweet week!

  2. I do love a well thought out table setting. Love the use of lace for Valentine's day, too. What a fun find those Valentine day cards are. Love the fact that your Hal bought those chocolates in a heart shaped box for you. Love the mice!! I've got lots of love going here in all my sentences! Happy Valentine's day to you and yours!

  3. Another beautiful table setting, Denise, so fitting for Valentine's Day with your pretty dishes and crystal. I love those lace placemats.
    MMmm - the chocolates look so good. We're planning on a hike tomorrow for Valentine's Day.

  4. This is beautiful! The roses are perfect and I like the placemats too. The candy is too pretty to eat. Great job. Love you, Mom



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