Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Butterfly Meadow Tablescape and Farewell to Summer

Can summer really be over?  Surely not.  It doesn't feel like any time at all since I planted the flowers on our front porch after our Charleston trip.  Now here it is almost Labor Day weekend.  This feels like the fastest summer on record to me.  I think my dad being in the hospital for five weeks has made our family feel like we lost part of our summer.  Thankfully my dad is doing much better now.

Kathleen has issued a challenge to us for her Let's Dish party -- a "Farewell To Summer" tablescape.  I'm happy to be joining the fun this evening (even though we've probably still got some summer days ahead here in North Carolina).

Today I set the table with my Lenox "Butterfly Meadow" dishes for my Farewell to Summer tablescape.  I know all these pastel colors look a lot like spring, but since butterflies are here all summer, and they'll soon be leaving, I thought these dishes were appropriate.  I find it amazing that Monarch butterflies migrate to Mexico and parts of Southern California every fall, a trip that can be as much as 2,500 miles away.  Hard to believe something that looks so delicate can fly that far.

I started taking pictures early in the dining room in order to catch the fleeting morning sunlight.  Our dining room faces east, so it gets the early morning light, but in the summer that doesn't last long.  The leaves from all our trees soon block out the sunlight, so I have to work fast.  I love the dappled sunlight here in the morning.

I think these are such cheerful dishes.  :)  I started buying them the year I began my blog in 2011.  I had never seen them before, and I spotted some at my trusty HomeGoods store.  I did one of my first tablescapes with these dishes in the spring that year.

I only have about four, mix and match place settings, plus some napkin rings, salt and pepper, four coffee mugs, and a vegetable bowl.  That's all I need.  I pair these dishes with my Lenox "Classic White" dinner plates, which is what you see here.  The middle plate is Lenox "Butterfly Meadow Cloud," and I believe this size is called a party plate.  It's a little larger than a typical salad plate.  The smaller plate on top is just right for a dessert or bread and butter plate.  Each of the smaller plates features a different design.

Love these colors!

In addition to butterflies and flowers, the designs also include bumblebees and lady bugs -- all creatures of summer.

I use these pink-rimmed plates as dessert plates; they're also the perfect size for salads.

I was initially going to use yellow napkins in this table setting, but I went with these green ones instead.  They are the exact shade of green as the little green leaves and the green border on the napkin rings.  Damask napkins are from Bed, Bath & Beyond, and are called "Spring Meadow."

Appropriately, the napkins also have butterflies on them.  It's kind of hard to make it out, but there's one here in the center part of the napkin.

Chargers are from Pier One last year, and the flatware is Hampton Forge from Target.  You can usually find it at Target or Horchow online.  I love the ivory-colored handles paired with these dishes.

A dish for strawberries -- another of summer's sweet pleasures,

and a "Butterfly Meadow" vegetable bowl.

These are some of my favorite candles -- honeycomb, beeswax tapers.

These goblets are not fine crystal, but I think the green is fun to use with these dishes.

The antique, cut-glass pitcher was a gift from my husband's grandmother, and I've always loved using it.

The flowers came from our local Lowes' grocery store.

This summer has been one of our mildest, most pleasant summers in many years.  I've always loved fall so much, but after last winter, I'm not trying to rush summer away.  Has the summer season been nice this year where you are?

I'm joining:
Let's Dish, hosted by Cuisine Kathleen
Tablescape Thursday, hosted by Susan at BNOTP
Home Sweet Home, hosted by Sherry

Thanks so much for visiting House at Forest Manor!  I'm looking forward to seeing what you've been up to this week.  :)



  1. Love those floral plates Denise... the whole table looks good but that was my fav part:)

    can you believe it was the last 2 mornings.. I sat on the porch with my cofee and just breathed in the air.

    I know fall is still awhile away but , I sure am looking forward to it.

    could ya do me a favor and email me.. I got a question about finding a good painter near me..

    thanks so much

  2. Very nice table for the farewell to summer theme.'s been ages since I've set a table for a meme. Glad your dad is feeling a lot better...that's good news.
    Have a wonderful labor day weekend!

  3. Your butterfly dishes are very pretty Denise! Our summer was so mild I'm bracing for an Indian Summer this September... Your Lowes has a grocery store? Wow:@)

  4. Hi Denise, I love your farewell to summer table, the colors are so soft and soothing! I have a few pieces of Butterfly Meadow and Cloud that I picked up piecemeal at HomeGoods too. Monarchs are amazing, every year I tell myself I'm going to plant Milkweed in the spring and then don't follow through. Hasn't this summer been wonderful compared to previous ones, just a couple of sweltering weeks overall.

  5. Such a pretty butterfly inspired table, Denise. I lost a younger cousin to kidney disease several years ago, she said she would come back as a butterfly, so to think of her every time I saw one...since them I always say Julie is checking in when I see one. The older I get the more I am looking at pink in a different light...♥ the pink rimmed plates.
    Have a wonderful week.

  6. Gorgeous dishes with butterflies and pretty pastel color flowers. Love the chargers too! I also love your dining chairs. You met the challenge at Kathleens in a wonderful way, as everything is beautiful!

  7. I would never in a million years have thought to do butterflies for this table, and I absolutely LOVE the idea. I'm just a theme kind of person, and I love that you carried this out to such detail. Beyond that, it is just plain beautiful all the way around. I love the dishes and linens and all the other touches. Those goblets are just perfect on there. My favorite shot of all is the third one from the bottom with the goblet. it. I pinned that one. So beautiful, Denise.

    So wonderful not only to do a tablescape but to see YOU do one as well.

  8. Hi Denise,
    What a wonderful collection of Lenox dishes you started when you began blogging. I love that each one has a different patten. It would be hard to choose a favorite! Your strawberry dish caught my eye, as did your Mom's beautiful crystal pitcher...sigh!! I wish I was a guest at your lovely table and I love the pic with the dappled light.

  9. Denise, I love your butterfly dishes and so appropriate for a summer tablescape. I have enjoyed seeing the butterflies the last month especially. I haven't had any monarchs only swallowtails.

    Your chairs caught my eye today. They are so pretty. Love all your pics. The clarity and light was just right.

    Your napkins were perfect. Tablescaping is fun and I enjoy seeing everyone's interpretation of a theme. I made it after all. Thanks for your encouragement.

  10. What a refreshingly pretty tablescape! I love your butterflies, both the dishes and the linens.

    I pray that your father continues to improve.



  11. Lovely...all the butterflies are wonderful. The pink plates are my favorite.

  12. I agree with you about how fast summer has flown by this year. I just want to grab it and hang on to it a bit longer even if the temps are scorching here. I did not know that butterflies travel such great distances. Amazing! Love those plates. Perfectly charming!! Have a great Labor Day weekend and savor every minute.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  13. Your last fling of summer tablescape is so lovely! The Lenox china is one I also have and have used in table settings. You created a very elegant table white the crisp with runner and beautiful bouquet. The darling pink rim plates are beautiful on the table with the matching mugs. I love Home Goods and yesterday shopped at new one opening in the DFW metroplex. I was so luck to find fall Italian porcelain plates and bowls.

    Thanks for sharing,

  14. Your butterfly plates are so pretty. What a great theme for a farewell to summer tablescape. Just like the butterflies flutter away, so goes summer. Kind of sad.

  15. Such a pretty table! I have Butterfly Meadow plates also, and have never seen the Cloud pattern: it's absolutely lovely. Your table is elegant, yet welcoming and I love how you have accented your plates. Your photos are spectacular: I love how you have captured the morning light. Such a nice way to start my day. Thanks for sharing. Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  16. You set a very pretty and summery table! I really like your beeswax candles, too. So glad to know that your father is doing so much better. Wow! Five weeks in the hospital is a long time. But on to three more weeks of summer at least!

  17. Very Pretty table butterflies are timeless and will never go out of style such pretty plates I have seen them at Home Goods and Could kick myself for not purchasing them when they had them.Susie

  18. What a pretty table! Those butterfly dishes are just lovely. I admit I am a serious Homegoods fan myself....everytime I go it takes me at least an hour to get out of

  19. This table is so beautiful! I didn't get it together to do one for Kathleen this time because I was sewing slipcovers. I have always thought this dish pattern is one of the prettiest.

  20. I love the Butterfly Meadow plates, so pretty, and so summer. The Butterfly Cloud plates are just lovely and are the perfect companion to the Butterfly Meadow salad plates. The napkins and napkin rings look perfect together.

  21. Such a pretty choice for an end of summer tablescape. I really never quite know what to think about the end of summer. It can sure be the end of the heat, but I love the growing season, and the hummingbirds, and goldfinches, so I hate to see it gone. Then again, I do like fall...and then the holiday season...and then

  22. A delightful farewell to summer tablescape Denise. It always makes me sad to pack away my Lennox butterfly china to bring out the snowflake winter dishes. They have a silver rim on them and can't go in the microwave like the Lennox.
    A pretty yellow bouquet in the crystal pitcher too!

  23. In absolutely adore how each butterfly dish is different. You truly set a perfect table. A lovely farewell to summer.

    I also wanted to thank you for your kind comments and wonderful friendship. You are a treasure. Have a blessed week!

  24. Hi Denise,
    Finally getting around to seeing your pretty table! Love those dishes, I just have one piece I use as a cake plate. It was a gift. Hope you are well! I have been mia with resp troubles, it is hanging on a long time!
    Thanks for taking part in the challenge. Next 3 months are posted on my sidebar!
    Hope all is well with you!



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