Sunday, August 24, 2014

Walt Disney World for Mosaic Monday

Hello Friends!  How has your weekend been?  It's been hot and humid here in North Carolina, and so I was reminded of our visits to Disney World when our son was in high school.  :)

 We went to Walt Disney World for the first time in 2007 during our son's spring break, and we had so much fun, we went back again the following two years.

The first year we visited Disney, we stayed at The Contemporary Resort in the park.  The tram came right through the middle of the hotel, so it was kind of noisy, but we still had fun.  That particular year, we were there the first week of April, and the weather was actually cool -- almost chilly.  I think a lot of people might have been disappointed, but I was just fine with it.  The following year when we visited, even though it was the exact same week, it was hot enough to fry eggs on our head.

That's the Contemporary in the distance on the right.

I'm the first to admit that I'm not much of a theme-park kind of girl, but I'm glad I got to experience Disney World with my husband and son.  This was actually the first time I had ever been; our family never went when my sister and I were growing up.  My husband's grandparents took him and his brother when they were growing up, and our son actually went with his school band class when he was in eighth grade.  I was the only one who hadn't been, so hubby decided there was nothing for it but to take a family trip to "the happiest place on earth."  ;)

I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite images of Disney World over the next few weeks for Mosaic Monday.  I'll start with the Magic Kingdom, since I think it exemplifies Disney World for most of us.

Silly though it may be, I was fascinated with Cinderella's Castle.  I guess it appeals to my girlie side.

Have you seen the room on the inside of the castle at the back?  I was just amazed at this mosaic tile mural.  Each section shows a different part of the Cinderella fairy tale.  It's beautifully done and the colors are exquisite.

Here we see Cinderella with her step-mother and two wicked step-sisters.  You can click on these pictures to enlarge them and see the story in pictures.  Unfortunately, I couldn't get any pictures without people everywhere (hence my aversion to theme parks).  It's not that I don't like people, I just don't like standing in line behind them for hours at a time, or being smushed and jostled between them as we walk along.  ;)

These are not the best quality of pictures inside the castle; we were kind of rushed in taking them, and this was also before we got the DSLR camera.

  I just can't get over the detail and color in these tile mosaics.

Another thing I really enjoyed at the Magic Kingdom park was (surprise) all the flowers and topiary sculptures of Disney characters.

This young lady apparently didn't mind being featured in a perfect stranger's picture.

Loved these floating flower pots; I'm not always a fan of such a manicured look for gardens, but this look seemed to suit the park.

These pictures of Cinderella's Castle were actually taken the following year when we visited WDW.

It was overcast when we took this picture, but I love the big, close-up reflection of the castle in the water.

Mosaics were created using Picasa and Pikmonkey.

Have you been to Disney World?  Which park was your favorite?  Thanks so much for visiting today and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

I'm joining the Mosaic Monday party, hosted by our friend Judith at Lavender CottageThank you for hosting, Judith!



  1. It really is magical, isn't it? My husband and I went when were newly married, before children. The park wasn't long-open, and we vowed to come back when we had children. We never did get back, but took our children to Europe many times - our daughter to Paris Disney. Maybe it's time for a return trip!

  2. You must have had plenty of fun. I haven't been to Disney World, but once visited Disneyland. That was over 30 years ago!


  3. I think we took our kids here once or maybe twice, but it was easy as their grandparents lived near there. Funny to see this post today as we heard a young man speak this morning who grew up near there and went all that time up until they moved when he was ten. He thought Disney was everywhere so was a in for a shock! It did have an influence on him as he works with kids now.

  4. Wonderful images from Disney World..We have been twice with our son and I went twice before that.. I was younger then and my favorite part of the park were the rides Space Mountain and It's a Small World.. Thansk for the memories.. Have a happy week!

  5. It's been ages since we were at Epcot and DisneyWorld so this post brought back wonderful memories. Nice photos on this trip down memory lane.

  6. I think everyone should visit Disney World at least once in their life. It's been a number of years since we've been and it looks somewhat different than I remember. Of course if they kept it the same, it wouldn't encourage people to return. I'm going to enjoy reliving the magic through your continued mosaics each week.
    Thank you for linking to MM Denise.

  7. Glad you could escape back to the world of Disney. Sorry about the humidity! Beautiful photos.

  8. Beautiful shots. I felt like I was really there. Thanks for sharing.

  9. A grand tour! So much to see.

  10. Pretty pics with lots of color! I was a kid and went there the very first year it opened. It still wasn't complete and they actually sent Ma free tickets to come back at a later date:@)

  11. I never went to WDW with family as I was in college when they went. Then I went when I graduated and have been a few times as an adult mostly with conventions...but I love captured so much of its beauty especially the castle and its reflection in the water.

  12. We spent one very busy day at WDW when we were traveling through the area with our children about 20 years ago. It was fun, but not spectacular. Love your photos of the castle.

  13. Is that you with Winnie the Poo? I love that! Actually, I enjoyed this whole post because you like the same kinds of things (and don't like the same kinds of things) that I like about DW. Just like you, I'm always a little giddy at Cinderella's castle. (And we stayed at the Contemporary when my parents took each girl for her 5th birthday. Dad liked that the tram ran through it. )



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