Thursday, September 26, 2019

Charleston Favorites in 2019

I have to apologize first thing.  I said I wasn't going to bore you with another Charleston post, but this one does have some entirely new (to me) things to share.  If you're not interested in travel posts, you might want to skip this.  Today, I'm sharing some food pics because...I'm a foodie.  Yes I am.  We had lots of good food on our short trip, but these next things were my very favorites of all.
Lobster Rolls, Mason's Famous Lobster Rolls   
Now that I've had my first lobster roll, I'm hooked.  Oh my goodness, I think I've just found my favorite new food; these are yummy, they're delicious, they're yummylicious!!  The rolls are buttered and toasted perfectly, the lobster is rich and juicy, there is the perfect amount of mayonnaise (not too much) on these, along with melted butter, lemon juice, and (I think) finely chopped celery.  Boy, oh boy!  We happened upon this little place by accident -- Mason's Famous Lobster Rolls, and it turns out they're a chain.  We now have one in Raleigh, which is about an hour and a half from where we live, so maybe Hal can experience one sometime soon, too.
Biscuit Beignets  
The picture above is of biscuit beignets at "Another Broken Egg Cafe" on Market Street in Charleston.  These were also delish!  My mom and I absolutely loved them; I can't remember if my sister tried them or not.  I've seen some recipes online, so I may have to try making some of these.  Have you ever had beignets?  I know New Orleans is famous for them, but I've never been to New Orleans.  Another Broken Egg Cafe is a chain restaurant, so if you have one near you, I highly recommend these little beignets.
She Crab Soup, 82 Queen
Above is a bowl of she crab soup that we got at 82 Queen, a restaurant we tried for the first time this trip.  My sister heard about it from a co-worker, and it was a great place to go.  I will say that the menu was rather pricey, so we decided ahead of time that we would get two starters, or appetizers, each and make those our meal.  That worked out perfectly.  82 Queen is famous for their she crab soup, and in a city that's famous for she crab soup, that's really saying something.  😃  It was mighty good.  We all three got a bowl of this apiece, and they were very generous portions.  I also ordered the appetizer crab cake, which came with succotash (corn, bacon, lima beans).  It was one of the best crab cakes I've ever eaten, and the succotash was good too.  My mom and sister ordered appetizer fried oysters for their second plate, and they enjoyed those, too.
Herb and Cheese Biscuits
At 82 Queen, we were also treated to a complementary basket of these garlic cheese biscuits, also excellent.  The biscuits had some chopped herbs and very small chunks of cheddar cheese mixed in -- just delicious.  We were pleasantly full from just dining on appetizers, and we didn't have to spend a pile of money.  In addition, the restaurant was beautiful.
Loved their wooden sign hanging over the front window.
This is the very room we ate in and it was such a pretty room.  We were upstairs, and it was a real treat to dine there. I was so lazy this trip, that I didn't take any pictures of our food or the restaurants.  I found all these pictures (except the very first one) online. 
Food is often one of the highlights of our travels.  We always look forward to seeing what the specialties are in each region we visit.  What are your favorite kind of foods to get when you're traveling?  If you plan to visit Charleston, S.C., anytime in the future, I would definitely recommend the restaurants we ate at on our most recent visit.
Thank you for your visit and have a wonderful weekend!!!


  1. Oh, such yummy food! We've visited Charleston a couple of times and the wonderful seafood was a highlight for us, too. I remember eating Shrimp and Cheese Grits at Carolina's and it was a taste revelation to this Canadian woman! Charleston is a beautiful city!

  2. No apology necessary. Your post was wonderful! Thank you!

  3. I must have lost my first comment.....this was a wonderful post..I love that you share your travels since I get to ride along with you....LOL....I hope you put visiting New Orleans on your bucket place like it! The beignets from Morning Call and Cafe du Monde are incredible....hugs from me to you!

  4. Ah that soup! Enjoyed seeing a bit of Charleston from your camera!

  5. I loved hearing about your trip. I like food recommendations. We went to Charleston for a garden tour in March and had a great time. It was short but memorable. I highly recommend the garden tours each spring.



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