Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Tour a Southport Coastal Cottage, Part 2

Hi all!  As promised, I'm sharing the rest of this charming cottage in Southport, North Carolina.  I posted Part 1 of the cottage tour Here, and today we'll be seeing the bedrooms and the bathrooms.
This is the master bedroom, where my mom and I slept.  Each bedroom had a queen-sized bed, and my sister and her daughter, Anna, slept in the other bedroom.  It seemed to work out fine.  I often have trouble sleeping away from home, but I slept like a log here.  This bedroom is painted the same pretty shade of blue as the kitchen.  Each bedroom had a flat-screen TV, which we didn't use because we were worn out every night.  😊  
Here you can see our bed reflected in the mirror.  The headboard was an old wooden door attached to the wall horizontally.  
The room had matching nightstands and lamps with galvanized metal trays to hold trinkets.  I liked this lamp with its nice shape and linen covered shade.  Love these vintage-looking bird pictures.
On the wall opposite the window was another tall, narrow chest of drawers.  The double doors on the left are for a walk-in closet; the doors on the right hide a stackable washer and dryer.
To the right side of the bed was a nice easy chair.  The door behind the chair leads to a patio and pergola in the backyard.  I hate that I forgot to take any pictures back there.
This is the other bedroom, where my sister and my niece slept.  Don't you love this pretty iron bed?  I'm hoping to get one of these (maybe in brass and white) for our third bedroom at home.  I haven't started looking yet.  My favorite things about this room were the bed, the lovely wall lamps, the whimsical pillows (fish and starfish), the artwork, the curtains, and the overstuffed chair.
Here you can see one of the curtains with the button tie-back and fringe on the bottom.  
I almost forgot to mention the bead board paneling on the lower part of the walls. This was such a pretty room.  We think it was probably one of the original two bedrooms in the house.  We were thinking maybe the den/office I showed in the first post used to be a bedroom.  
This was the hall bathroom, used by my sister and niece.
We all thought this sink and faucet were pretty, but my sister said it wasn't really convenient for washing your face because the water splattered out of the sink. 
I really liked this vanity, too.
Both bathrooms had beautiful showers with gorgeous tile and rainfall shower heads. 
 These last pics are of the master bath. 
I have to tell you that I was taking notes on these bathrooms, big time.  πŸ˜‰  We need to have both of our bathrooms re-modeled, and I really like the way they did this double sink and vanity.  Our main bathroom has a long vanity like this with two sinks, but ours is very dated.  I love this countertop (I'm guessing maybe it's quartz?) and the shape of these sinks is perfect.  This gives me some ideas to think about for our house.
Here is that pretty blue wall color again, and don't you just love these cute door and drawer knobs?  The colors look just like the beach, so they're perfect for this cottage.
And here's the nice shower in the master bath; I think the owners did a terrific job with this house. 
I forgot to take pictures out back at the cottage, but I found these on the website.
That's all of the tour -- I hope you enjoyed seeing the cottage as much as we did.  😊  Hal and I have been so fortunate for the past 30 years to be able to use his parents' beach house at Oak Island.  It's a wonderful house, with all the comforts of home.  However, it was fun to stay somewhere totally different for a change and to spend quality time with my mom, sister, and niece.  
Thanks so much for stopping by and for coming along on the tour.  Do you have any travel plans for the near future?  Have a great rest of the week!


  1. Hey Denise..this looks like a cozy charming cottage. Oh how delightful to take a little trip with your Mom, sister and neice! Hope you had a very blessed Easter Day...warm hugs from Texas!

  2. Still charming! Have you seen those “new” faucets that widen out? I think they are replicas of some former style. I love the look and if and when I ever need a new bathroom faucet, I will be looking for one. (Aunt Ruthie features them on her Amazon store.)

    So many ideas here. The owners took careful care with all the wonderful details. I imagine that there may be a revisit here one day. 😊

  3. You captured the cottage perfectly. The pictures are great! It was such a fun time; lots of good food, lots of laughter, just great to be together. We were definitely making precious memories. Love you, Mom

  4. What a wonderful tour of your getaway cottage. Those raised bowl sinks look great, but they are impractical in many cases. Love all the pretty touches you included in your photos.



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