Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Tour a Coastal Cottage in Southport, North Carolina

   Last week, I enjoyed a girls' trip to Southport, N.C., with my mom, my sister, and my niece.  A good time was had by all.  😊  My mom rented a little cottage for three days and wouldn't let us help her pay for any of it.  She said this was a gift to herself, but she generously shared it with us.
So, without further ado -- meet B & K Cottage.  You can find the second part of the cottage tour Here.  
Isn't she a charmer?
This stained-glass window was such a perfect touch.  Being fascinated by maps, I loved this compass rose and nautical rope in the design.
Isn't this hanging box filled with faux plants a great idea for adding a bit of privacy at this end of the porch?  
This was our view from the front porch and the window in the living room.
We fell in love with the outside right away, but the inside definitely did not disappoint.
Please come in!
When you step in the front door, you see one big, open area.  This cottage was built in the 1920's, so we're pretty sure the part in the back was added on in later years.
This area is the living room.  There are so many things we loved about the decor here -- the plantation shutters on all the windows, the wood floors, lots of galvanized metal accessories, colorful throw cushions, artwork, etc.  How do you like the seahorse lamp? 
Great coffee table.
A nice sofa table with matching lamps.
Two more matching lamps; I do like plenty of lamps in a house.  I also like that the owners considered what's being reflected in the mirrors; it really makes a difference (I think) and is so easy to forget about when you're decorating.
A view from the back of the open area to the front door; isn't this chandelier pretty?  Did you notice the molding above the windows?  It comes to a slight peak in the center of the window.  We were told by a tour guide that this is a Southport feature, and is known as the Southport bow.  
Some of the homes we saw had this molding on the outside of the windows, too.  
This was quite a large piece of furniture, with long shelves and lots of drawers.
If you look at the center of the top shelf, these are two bookends whose shape makes a whale -- I love it!
Another cute lamp...
Upon entering through the front door, the living room is to the left and to the right is a small office/den.  We sat here in the evenings to watch TV.  
They also had Wi-Fi connections here and a book with local restaurant menus, information on the house and Southport, etc.  The husband and wife who own this cottage really thought of everything to make one's stay comfortable and fun.
Last, but certainly not least, pictures of the renovated kitchen -- so, so cute.  Here you can see the small island and stainless steel appliances.  The cabinets were new with easy-close drawers.  The granite on the countertops reminds me of our pattern at home.  It also has a 60/40 stainless steel sink, and I really think the faucet is just like mine, but hers is chrome and mine is oil-rubbed bronze.  
As you enter the kitchen from the hallway, this plate rack is directly on the right.  She's using hers to store condiments and cooking oils and spices.  The stove has a double oven and microwave mounted on the wall above.
I thought this swordfish-shaped bottle opener was so cute.  I loved the blues, aquas, and greens used to decorate the kitchen.
It looks like reclaimed wooden boards were used here on the end of the cabinet units.
 We all loved this wooden box used to corral the kitchen utensils.
This end of the cabinet unit is also finished with the vintage boards.  I love this door with it's good-sized window for natural light.
To the left of the door was this pretty set-up.  This was the coffee station, and the cabinets above had seeded-glass doors.
I had to share a picture of this -- one bucket for Stevia and another for the "Fake Stuff."  😄  I guess after we use all of our "fake stuff" from the Sam's Club, I'll have to learn to use Stevia.  There were also flavored syrups to add to your coffee, so I used a tad of the vanilla syrup in mine.
This was the wall opposite the sink and door.  I loved this -- so pretty.  I really, really liked the shade of blue used on this wall and in the master bedroom and bathroom.  It was perfect for a coastal home.  Notice the olive bucket on the floor beside the little cabinet?  She had several of these throughout the house.  The doors on either side of this small wall are pantries.
Even the colander is such a pretty shade of blue.  :)
This built-in cubby was in a small hallway between the dining area and the kitchen.  I wonder if it was originally for a fold-out ironing board.  This was a 1920's house, and I know a lot of those had the built in nooks for phones and ironing boards.  Our house in Greensboro was built in 1924, and those old homes had a lot of personality.
So that's it for this part of the tour.  Part 2 will be the bedrooms and baths.  The house had two bedrooms and two baths; we think the master bath was added in later years.  I hope you enjoyed seeing this Southport cottage; did you have a favorite room?  Thanks again, Mom, for taking us along on this fun adventure!!
Thank you all for visiting me and have a great week!


  1. Love it! Completely charming. What a lovely gift for your mom to give herself and share with her daughters and granddaughter. I am going to share a kitchen idea with my sister...the reclaimed wood on the end of the kitchen cabinets.

  2. What an absolutely charming place to stay!! Thank you for sharing the details!

  3. Love the pictures, believe Joanna Gaines was in Southport. Enjoyed our time together so much. We had some good laughs and made some wonderful memories. Love you, Mom



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