Wednesday, June 24, 2020

The Baker's Rack

Hello to you!  Are you having a good week?  I bet you'll have an even better week if you don't listen to the news or read about it online.  Ask me how I know.  😏  Anyway, our week has been fine.  We had our new washer and dryer delivered yesterday, finally -- we ordered it about four or five weeks ago.  Things are kind of crazy right now, though, aren't they?  I think we're going to like these; our other set was having big problems.   
I made a few small changes in the kitchen that I want to share with you.  The changes involve the wall with our baker's rack.  
Above is how it looked before,   
and this is how it looks now.
Here's more of a close-up picture.  First of all, we hung the plate above the baker's rack.  I had this hanging in the kitchen before we re-modeled, and we've finally put it back up.  Mr. Forest Manor discouraged me from putting every single thing back after the re-model was finished because we didn't want it to look cluttered again.  I totally agree with him on that, but I am trying to add back the things I really love in this room.  
My mother-in-law gave me this Vietri plate because she thought I would like the chickens (and I do).  You can see the farmer on the left side of the plate keeping a watch over his chickens, or roosters -- not sure which.
We also hung this little terra-cotta wall pocket vase over the framed Moravian Blessing, which was already here.  The wall pocket vase was also a gift from my mother-in-law.  She brought it to me from one of her trips to France, and I've had it for about 25 years.  It originally had three different kinds of fresh herbs in the pockets, but they eventually dried up and lost their color.  I had dried these grocery store roses, and I purchased the lavender online.  This little piece doesn't look right anywhere but the kitchen, and I'm glad to have it back on the wall.  :)
Above the wall pocket vase, we hung my miniature German cuckoo clock.  This was a gift from a good friend and co-worker from back in my single days.  It has traveled to all of our homes with us, and I'm glad to see it's cheerful face back in my kitchen.  One reason I didn't put these things back up right away was that they used to hang on the wall where Tim put our new white shelves during the renovation, so I wasn't sure exactly where to put them for a long time.
There's not really a good space over here now to hang anything, but that's okay.  It all worked out well.
We also hung this small, faux boxwood wreath over my aprons on the side of the pantry.  That spot needed a little something else, and I think this wreath is just right.  You can see my colorful Scottie apron that Hal gave me a few years ago.  :)
In addition to hanging some things on the wall, I also have two, new-to-me additions on the top shelf of the baker's rack.  
This little jug, or pitcher,
and this one above were given to me by my mother-in-law.  I just love them!  A friend, who is now deceased gave them to my MIL some years ago, and my MIL used them for awhile in their condo in Raleigh.  The condo has been sold, and these don't really look right in their home here because she doesn't have much blue in the house at all.  In fact, her kitchen is mostly shades of green, so she gifted these pottery pieces to me.  I was delighted to receive them.
I especially like this darker blue rim with the tiny white speckles.
I mentioned in an earlier post that all the pottery in the kitchen was made by North Carolina potters, and these two pieces are, as well.  
The final thing I added to the baker's rack is this fabric bunting.  I've wanted to get some of this for ages, and I finally did it.  I clicked the "Add To Cart" button, and here we are.  😁  This arrived yesterday, and I'm quite pleased with it.  I love the mix of gingham, polka dot, and floral patterns on the fabric.  I was debating between getting this or a very similar one in blue.  I was afraid of overdoing the blues in here, so I went with the yellow, and I'm glad I did.  This is so cheerful, and I plan to leave it up through the summer.
Here's a closer look at the fabrics.
The cute polka dot pennants wound up on the sides.
This picture shows all the changes.  They're just small things, but it's all the little details that make a house feel like home.
I've also enjoyed adding seashells to many of our rooms for summer.  I'll share more of those in another post.  Have you ever used bunting just for fun in your house?  It makes things feel really festive, doesn't it?      
I hope you're all enjoying your summer this year.  This will certainly be a year to remember, in more ways than one.  I know summer's not the same when we don't feel as comfortable about traveling, but I hope that will change for the better soon.  Thank you so much for your visit, and I'd love to hear what you've been up to!   
All the best,   


  1. Fun changes that look great. Definitely a year that will go down in history books if we are permitted to keep our history. :) Happy summer to you!

  2. I like your bunting! Very cheerful. I am not a fan of minimalism. ☺️ Things make a room look cozy!

  3. Changing things up can be so much fun! I like your bunting. I've used it occasionally, but don't have any around now. The yellow prints you have are so cheerful!

  4. I love the changes you have made in your kitchen! Everything looks so cheery!!

  5. Oh Denise...I simply love your kitchen...I have always loved Baker's Racks and yours is so very sweet....what a cozy feeling nook this is!



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