Monday, September 30, 2013

A Blogging Milestone

I reached a milestone last week in blogging -- I hit 100,000 total page views.  Yep, that little clicker on my dashboard that counts the page views like a car odometer counts your miles, turned over 100,000.  I know this is really small potatoes to the super-bloggers who probably get 100,000 page views in one week.  I don't have that kind of following here on my blog, so I was excited to reach this number.

I really appreciate those loyal folks who read my blog posts faithfully and regularly leave me comments.  You make my day and my week!!  I've enjoyed getting to know you and learning something about your lives.  How fun to meet people from Canada, England, Ecuador, Texas, New York, Maine, Colorado, California, Georgia, Alabama, and North Carolina.  It's great to discover the things we have in common (a lot, it seems) and I've learned so much from all of you.  Great decorating tips, recipes, book recommendations, craft ideas, shopping tips, and beautiful photography, just to name a few.

In just a few months, I will have been blogging for three years.  Oh how time flies!  I thought I'd share my top-viewed posts over these past three years.  The number one most viewed post is "MERRY CHRISTMAS AND GOD BLESS US EVERY ONE."

I was pleasantly surprised that this picture ended up looking sort of like a Christmas card.  I am amazed that it's been my most viewed post of all time, and it has consistently stayed in first place for almost three years.

The second most viewed post is the post I wrote about a Scottish Terrier named MacDuff...  :)

"A Book Review and a New Friend" 

  My third most viewed post is "Finding Mitford," from July 2011.  This was also one of my favorite posts to write because I truly love the Jan Karon Mitford series.

The fourth most viewed post is "Our Kitchen Before and After," which I just wrote earlier this month.  Apparently it's true that everyone loves a good before and after reveal.  And my hubby thought I was a stalker for wanting to look at other people's houses.  :)

My fifth most viewed post is "Our Christmas Mantel" from December 2011.  I can definitely understand why Christmas posts are always popular.

The sixth most popular post was called "Tablescape -- Celebrating Spring."  Do you know, the main reason I first started blogging was so that I could share tablescapes and participate in Tablescape Thursday, hosted by Susan at Between Naps on the Porch.  This spring tablescape was only my third tablescape, and it was fun to create.  I miss tablescaping and I really need to get back to it.

In seventh place is "The New Decorating/Design Book," from February of this year.

The eighth most viewed post was "Adding Summer Touches to the Family Room." 

In ninth place is "First Tablescape Re-Posted and Second Blogging Anniversary." 

And the tenth most popular post is "For The Birds."  I've done two or three posts about the birds that visit our feeders; my husband and I love to watch them.  :)

I thought that some of you who are new to House at Forest Manor might enjoy seeing some of these older posts, and it was fun for me to look back at them.  Thank you for following along with me on this blogging journey; it makes all the difference to me.  :)

Have a great day!



  1. Well done, Denise- congrats- that's wonderful!!

    You know, it's funny you mentioned tablescaping and wanting to blog and do that too....same linky party...and I nearly never do. I have an entire basement full of unseen, unshared dishes, etc waiting to be used and featured.

    I think I am getting old and want to down size and get rid of all my's exhausting, isn't it? : - )

    Anyway, keep it up - and hope you blog for another long long time.



  2. Congratulations, Denise. Your home reflects warmth, elegance, and grace, and your blog has helped me break my OCD with the magazine rack at the supper market. Keep upthe good work.

  3. Congratulations! I always love your posts and the thought that goes into them. xo Jenny

  4. Denise, congrats on your milestone! All great pics and I love that cute snowman bottle topper:@)

  5. I have enjoyed every visit to your blog, since I found it. The most viewed and all the others too.

    you have a great way of showing and telling us what going on in places you visit and things you do..

    Keep blogging or Ill be sad:)

  6. OK, I am so frustrated. I just left a comment, and I can't get it to post. Trying again to see what went wrong.

  7. Congratulations Denise. That's a whole lot of views.
    I agree with you that it is a wonderful thing how we connect with like minded people all over the world through our blogs. Pretty amazing!

  8. Bravo, my dear blogging buddy. I enjoy my visits here very much. And that we got to meet in person, too. xo

  9. Congratulations! I need to go see what kind of a number I have. I enjoyed the review of the top ten. It is interesting what ones are by far the most popular (not that I would not agree it's just interesting. ) I could say which posts got the most spam --- one I even went and changed the title and still got spam on it and I don't allow my blog to be searched! (well maybe the big G has changed that ...) Anyway, keep up the great posts!

  10. Congratulations Denise, You have given me something to aspire to. Your home is lovely and I can see why your Christmas posts are so popular. They all say home. I would like to see some more of your tablescapes. I to fell in love with Between Naps on the Porch over at Susan's too. I could spend several days a week just looking at the posts from Tablescape Thursday. Of course, I am still taking baby steps to learn about blogging so I can play too. I think I can almost link to some of the parties out there. Maybe I can be more prolific with my postings someday soon.

  11. It's fun to look back and see what we've blogged and what our readers have enjoyed most. I love your Christmas posts and remember the adding summer's my favorite. You are a fun blogger and have such a lovely home! Happy blogging!



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