Sunday, September 29, 2013

Still Cleaning and Organizing

Hi everyone!  I hope you've had a lovely fall weekend!  The weather has been so nice in North Carolina -- our favorite time of year here at Forest Manor.

This past week, hubby and I watched "The Book of Manning" on ESPN, and we loved it!

If you're not a big football fan, or even if you just like football a tiny bit, I think you'll love this movie.  I never knew anything about Archie Manning except that he played quarterback for the New Orleans Saints many years ago.  I just learned a few years ago that Peyton and Eli Manning had an older brother, Cooper, who also played football.

The thing I loved most about this documentary was the way it revealed what a dedicated and loving father Archie Manning is, and always has been.  He wasn't interested in raising great football players; he was more interested in raising good men.  You could tell he really loved spending all of his free time with his family and playing with his boys.  He also took lots of home movies when the boys were little, and those home movies just cracked us up.  Such funny boys.

It was like living in a war zone because the boys were so competitive from day one.  I told my husband that Olivia Manning must have nerves of steel.  :)  This story was first and foremost about family, and secondly about football.  In a time when we hear so many bad things about athletes, this was a refreshing and inspiring departure from what we often see in the headlines.

I'm still cleaning out, de-cluttering, and organizing.  The more I do, the more I find that still needs to be done.  Sigh.  I've decided that literally every closet and storage area needs to be cleaned out and re-organized and every drawer cleaned out, as well.  I may have to hire help (just kidding).  :-D

I'll soon have some pics of my bedroom closet; it turned out really well, and I'm pumped about it.  I've also cleaned out and re-arranged the drawers in my dresser, and I've made two or three trips to Bed, Bath & Beyond and Home Goods for attractive storage containers.  My mom, bless her, is letting me store some things in their nice, big attic.  I visited with them Friday and carted some things to their attic.

I still haven't put any fall decs out because I was determined to finish this bedroom stuff first.  So that's how I spent my weekend, folks.  How about you; what did you do this weekend?  Thanks so much for stopping by!



  1. Little by little and all the work will get done. But it seems endless in the midst of it, doesn't it? We're having a windy, rainy night so I'm staying cozy by the fire.

  2. You are an inspiration- I am SLOWLY trying to organize and get rid of my excesses - but it is just so danged difficult!

    Can't wait to see what you've done.

    That sounds like a great movie, thanks for the recommendation - not a whole lot of wholesome movies out there and it is always a nice thing to know to watch out for.

  3. You have been a busy little bee, but I am sure it looks great. I am still finishing up here too, and need to get the fall decor done already. xo

  4. Little drips of water, little grains of sand . . . be patient and soon it will all be done! I've been doing some of that myself -- but it's the little things -- closet, chests -- I need to tackle the garage and the basement! And then the attic!

    And get rid of stuff!!


  5. You're an inspiration for sure, Denise! I really need to get to this myself. I'm very good about keeping the house straightened on what people see, but as far as what they don't see....well that's a different story! I know you'll have those Fall decorations out soon. xo

  6. You are really on a big project but it sounds like it is going well and quite satisfying to see transformation. I'm actually doing some of that today. Little by little. Maybe its the fall season ...



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