Thursday, March 16, 2017

Today Is Flooring Day

Day 1
Whew, what a pain!  Last night I told my husband that I was not having fun.  I wouldn't want to do this again for a long time.  I know -- what a whiner, right?  As I type this, we are sitting here waiting for the hardwood floor installers to arrive.  They'll be doing our foyer, living room dining room, and kitchen, over a period of three days.

Since this past weekend, I've been packing up dishes, more dishes, stemware, and dishes.  When it comes time to put all this stuff back, I plan to take some to the Goodwill or give some to my niece, who's getting married in August.  Who's idea was it to get all this stuff anyway?  Heaven help us if we ever move.  😨

This china cabinet had a ton of stuff in it -- china, crystal, silverplate pieces, serving pieces that we received for wedding gifts, candlesticks, vases, etc.  A cake stand and lid, pressed glass pitcher, and punch bowl were all on top of the hutch.  I filled several boxes, which we then carted to the basement.

Then there is the corner cabinet in our living room.  This picture is from 2011, so the cabinet had even more stuff in it Sunday when I went to take everything out.

I took these next pictures with my iPhone this morning before the installers got here.  Doesn't our dining room look forlorn?  I do like the sunlight on the chairs, though.  :)  Not only is everything out of the china cabinet, but all the lamps and little doodads are removed from the furniture surfaces.

Empty corner cupboard...

Here's another look at the old parquet floor.

The rest of the pictures were taken by Hal with his camera.  This shows our living room with the carpet still on half the floor and the new wood on the other half.  We really switched gears with the choice in flooring.  We started with maple in a much lighter finish called "Cinnamon."  Also, we were going with 2 1/2" planks because I felt they would look better in our formal rooms.  We had picked out that sample at Lowe's.  When we decided to go with Pilot Floor Covering, our options changed. We now have a darker finish on Birch hardwood with 5" planks.

The couple who sold us this house had re-painted and papered the walls in the foyer but didn't bother to paint the inside of the coat closet.  That's why the color in the closet looks so strange.  They also didn't put parquet flooring in the closet; it still had an older carpet on the floor, so we had the hardwood installed in the coat closet, as well.

Here are the den and dining room partially floored.

For the final pictures today, it turns out there were two older layers of linoleum under our existing kitchen floor (also linoleum) with the sub-flooring underneath all of that.  Don't you love the original layer there?  😏  More Brady Bunch decor.  This would have gone well with the original wallpaper, countertops, and backsplash our contractor found when he started our kitchen renovation.

Orange Formica countertops -- 😊 

 You can read about the re-model Here and Here.

Just like when we chose our carpet for the den and hallway, I was really worried that we might not like these floors.  I kind of had my heart set on the style from Lowe's, but I'm happy to say that I think we're going to love the new floors.  So far, so good!

That's all for today's post -- more updates tomorrow.  Thanks so much for following along, and I hope you have a great day!




  1. Oh, yes, you will love them! Floor laying goes surprisingly fast, don't you think? It's the packing and unpacking that doesn't. Have fun, Denise, don't grumble too much. Smile a lot, you blessed girl!

  2. You will enjoy the hardwood. I have a steam cleaning type mop which does a great job and is easy to use.
    I am envious of your Old Britain Castles dishes. I have 2 sizes of small plates and would enjoy having the mugs
    Christine from Ontario

  3. I can well imagine that packing up dishes would be no fun! I bet you are loving the new look with the new floors by now!

  4. Those floors are going to be fabulous. How "fun" to find all those layers! :)

  5. I remember so well when Rich and I chose floors surprisingly very similar to yours. It was like moving, Denise, and I whined just like you. You will love your floors and I love the dark color of them. I haven't grown tired of mine yet.



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