Saturday, March 11, 2017

Photos on Canvas

If you read this blog regularly, you know that Mr. Forest Manor and I like to take pictures.  He is a much better photographer than I (he's much more diligent about practicing).  I'm really appreciative of all the pictures he takes for me to use here on my blog.

Last summer, Hal decided to get a photo put on canvas to give as a gift for his mom and dad.  This is the picture he chose, 

sunset on the beach at Oak Island.  He had it made into three panels, and they turned out really well.  His parents were so excited to get these, and the panels are now hanging at their beach house, where we've all enjoyed spending time for the past 28 years.

It's getting more and more difficult to think of what to give our parents now for birthdays and Christmases.  Since these canvases were a hit with Hal's parents, I thought we'd do one for my parents, too.

I selected a picture of Boone Hall Plantation, taken by me when we were in Charleston last spring.  My parents love Boone Hall, and I thought this would be perfect for them.  They seem to be really proud of it; I took a picture of the canvas with my iPhone when I was visiting them yesterday.  The canvas hangs over a desk in their breakfast room; the stuff you see at the bottom of the picture is on the desktop.  I probably should have taken a more close-up shot here.  What I like about the original photo is the house, of course, as well as the partially open gate, the puffy white clouds, and the shadows captured on the driveway.  That's also Spanish moss in the top left of the picture, hanging from one of the very old, live oaks on the property.

Many of you are such good photographers, I imagine you've had some of your pictures put on canvas?  I've decided I want to do some for our den.  The picture we did for my parents is 16" x 20".  I would like to do three, smaller canvases to hang on the wall above our television in the den.  I'm thinking about using these three photos --

What do you think?  These were all taken in Charleston last spring, as well.  We've been using Canvas Print Factory online, and we're pleased with their work.  We'll probably wait until they run another special to get the next group of pictures printed.

Have you ever had any of your photos put on canvas?  If so, how did you like the results?  Thanks so much for your visit, and I hope you have a great weekend!




  1. Those are very nice choices to put on canvas. I have not put any on canvas yet. It does get hard to know what to gift to elderly parents.

  2. What a good gift idea for your parents! I know you love Charleston, and making some canvas photo art for your home of a favorite place sounds like another good idea!

  3. Wonderful shots, Denise, and what a fabulous idea for gifts. You could perhaps even create a kind of triptych. I suppose you know the (VERY) old joke - "What do you get the man who has everything?" Answer - "Penicillin".

  4. Love the post. Both pictures look so pretty. Our picture always reminds me of my favorite place to visit. You both do a great job with your photos. Love you both, Mom

  5. I had a field of sunflowers I photographed put on canvas and like it. Our youngest daughter has put several of her amazing nature photos taken in parks put on huge canvases that look nice on her walls.
    It was a good idea to create a gift from one of your photos.



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