Thursday, November 3, 2016

Autumn in Mitford

Hello Dear Readers.  Have you had a good week, and are you enjoying this lovely fall weather?  It's been beautiful here this week, but high temps. in the low 80's.  It looks like November out there, but doesn't really feel like it.

Today I'm sharing some more pictures from our visit to Blowing Rock, North Carolina, last fall.  This little town has been immortalized in Jan Karon's "Mitford" series of books.  A few weeks ago, I re-read the very first book in the series, "At Home in Mitford," and that reminded me I still have to show you the rest of the pictures.

"He was sitting with the prisoner in a small cell that was spotlessly clean, containing a bed, a chair, a floor lamp, a sink, a toilet, a hooked rug, and a table with an orderly stack of  Southern Living magazines."~Jan Karon, "At Home in Mitford"

Above is the Presbyterian church, and below is the Episcopal church.

"At the opposite end of the lane was Lord's Chapel, which stood between two vacant lots.  After passing the church,

which was known for its fine Norman tower and showy gardens, the lane narrowed to a few comfortable houses on the bank of a rushing stream, where Indian Pipes were said to grow in profusion." ~ Jan Karon, "At Home in Mitford"

"Though he'd spent the summer in Sligo, he found on returning that he hadn't, after all, missed summer in Mitford.  His roses bloomed on, the grass lay like velvet under the network of village sprinklers, and parishioners were still leaving baskets of tomatoes on his porch."~Jan Karon, "A Light in the Window"

These dahlias in the church garden were just beautiful.

"Autumn drew on in the mountains.  Here it set red maples on fire;

there it turned oaks russet and yellow."~Jan Karon, "These High Green Hills."

This statue makes me think of Hessie Mayhew, the local gardening expert in Mitford.  :)

This building appears to be a business, but for some reason, it makes me think of Father Tim's rectory.

Cute Blowing Rock cottages...

"It was, he thought, the Land of Counterpane.  The view swept down to a small valley with church spires, orderly farms, and freshly planted fields.  Then, the far walls of the valley rose steeply and rolled away to ridge upon ridge, wave upon wave of densely blue, mist-cloaked mountains."~Jan Karon, "At Home in Mitford"
Thanks so much for following along with me to Mitford a/k/a Blowing Rock, North Carolina.  It really is a beautiful place, and no more so than in the fall.  I really appreciate your visit and hope you have a wonderful weekend!



*All pictures taken by Mr. Forest Manor*  


  1. How wonderful this is Denise! I could have been in heaven taking pictures in Blowing Rock which I am sure you were. Such gorgeous autumn colors! I have been to Blowing Rock a few times and it certainly brought back wonderful memories! Just gorgeous!

  2. Lovely photos, and that series is one of my favorites. Reading Mitford is like visiting old friends. I have Come Rain or Come Shine on the to-be-read pile now.

  3. Oh you selected those passages so well! I am convinced that Karon was looking upon the very scenes that you shared. I am not inclined to reread anything from Mitford this year because it is so tinged by sadness that I don't want it to rub off on Mitford, if that makes sense, but I do feel inclined to look for my copy of Watership Down. Ha!

  4. You did a good job quoting passages to fit the images! Love Blowing Rock!

  5. How very lovely. I really enjoyed your post. It would be fun to visit this town I'm sure. Love the Mitford series!

  6. I can see that Blowing Rock would be a good inspiration for Mitford. Wonderful passages chosen from Karon's books.

  7. Hal took some gorgeous pictures and you've chosen some beautiful passages, Denise. How I would love to visit Blowing Rock, because I so loved the Mitford series.

  8. Such beautiful photos and passages...I love this whole post.
    Thanks for following my blog and I am about to link up to follow you...xo

  9. I can't seem to get your Google Friends Connect to work....?

  10. I love how you tied in your pictures with the story from the Mitford series books. Blowing Rock looks so picturesque.

  11. Oh how I loved those books! Your photos are beautiful and make me want to go there for sure.

  12. A lovely post. I enjoyed the narrative along with the gorgeous photos. North Carolina is beautiful, especially in the fall, and I have never been there. Nor have I read the books. Perhaps I should.



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