Saturday, September 17, 2016

A New View

I had planned to wait and do a post on this after the next project is done in order to show you a more complete version of our latest update.  I went outside just to snap a few pictures yesterday, and then I got so excited I decided to go ahead and do a mini-post.

We got replacement windows installed on our 1971 house on Thursday -- Woo Hoo!!!  After 45 years, I think it was definitely time.  We are both excited to have these windows, and I've been doing the happy dance for two days.  ;)  We had all 13 windows on the main level replaced and two windows in the basement.  Now we're in the process of re-installing our plantation blinds, and then on to the curtains.  I'll probably have to re-iron those curtains that I just ironed and hung in the guest bedroom; no matter -- it's worth it.

Speaking of the guest bedroom, this is one of the new windows seen from the inside.  Oh, how I love that clear view to the world!  Our windows were so dirty; the only way to clean them was to take down each of those 13 storm windows.  That would have to be done by removing them from their ugly, metal frames.  Two of our windows are technically second-story windows, as they're above the basement at the lower driveway.  Removing them would require climbing an extension ladder, and personally, I'm not that fond of heights.  I considered hiring someone to clean them all, but we decided it was time to move forward with this update to the house.  Now I can just tilt these windows in to clean them, and no working around all the grids; these grids are between the two panes of glass.

My apologies for the quality of these interior shots.  Like a dummy, I set the white balance on the camera for sunlight instead of incandescent light (insert head slap).  This is the new window in the dining room,

and the new kitchen window.  Our kitchen looks onto the screened porch, which is another project altogether.  }:/

Here's an exterior shot of the dining room window (left) and one of the living room windows (right).  The glass doesn't actually look nearly this dark; not sure why it looks this way in the pictures.  The glass is slightly tinted, but not very noticeable.  The tinting is part of the energy-saving design, and it also helps prevent the sun from fading your furniture, floors, rugs, etc.  The screens are half screens; the windows are double-hung and you can move the screens to the top or bottom half of the window, depending on how you want to open the window.  Now to show you what comes next in the exterior project --

You can see the arrows pointing to our gutters and trim work -- Yuck!  They really look bad.  The gutters are next to be replaced; they'll be done by the same company who installed our windows -- Window World.  We're hoping the gutters will be installed in the next week or so; they're a separate job from the windows.  Also, we'll need to get the wooden columns on our front porch repaired or replaced.  Next, we're going to change all the exterior trim work to white, like the windows.  The shutters are basically in good shape except they now need painting.  The ones in the shade have held up pretty well, but the ones getting full sun are very faded.  Our plan is to replace them with new raised-panel shutters, similar to these --

including the shutter dogs, but not the hardware in the center.  We plan to have white exterior trim and black shutters, which I think is a classic look.  Right now, our door is dark green, so I'm not sure what we'll do about the color on that.

The time frame is that we'll get the gutters replaced within the next few weeks (we hope).  Then the next project is to get the carpet replaced in our den and hallway.  We think we can get these things completed by the end of this year.  Then next year, we'll try to get the rest of the exterior work done.  There are plenty of things that need doing inside, but the exterior is the first thing people see, and you know what they say about first impressions.  ;)

You should have seen us zipping around here trying to get our blinds put back up Thursday and Friday night.  Wow, talk about being in a fishbowl!  We had all the windows on the back of the house done by bedtime last night, since that's where we are in the evenings and at bedtime.  Hubby is re-hanging the blinds in the living room right now.

Thank you for being patient while I rattle on about our windows; I'm sure replacement windows are not an exciting topic for most people.  We were one of the last houses on our block to get new windows; we're looking forward to our new view to the outside and a nice savings on our electric bill.  :)

Wishing you a great weekend and thank you for stopping by!



  1. This was fun to read as I just finished the huge job of washing all our windows. It includes vacuuming crud out with the shop vac and the sills and all--but I love being able to do it all from the inside. We replaced our windows a few years ago and have never regretted it. I thought I would miss the wooden grid but I don't! The ease of cleaning makes up for it. I counted our downstairs windows as I think we have similar houses and we have one less window than you, And we have the same shutters which were black when we bought the house and have been paint a few times. I'm thinking I may go back to black but I don't want a black door. All your changes sound good. Congratulations on your new windows!

  2. I could not function without my tilt-in windows. Yours look great and I know that you are going to love them for years to come. All of your projects sound ambitious! Don't forget to take pics.

  3. These look fabulous. Glad you can make these improvements.

  4. Truly, I relate to your project. It is a good feeling to take care of your home but it is not without time, money and effort to keep everything in good order.
    I noticed my windows needed washing today. I replaced shutters last year and it is a constant process to keep everything. I went through a major issue of wanting to replace wooden shutters with wood. I found out they are VERY expensive so after too many years of procrastinating I relented and replaced wooden shutters that were rotting with vinyl shutters! I really disliked them but relented because of expense.
    I am sure you will feel very good about your home with all the maintenance taken care of.It does take diligence and effort.

  5. The windows look great. Clean and pretty. I can't imagine replacing the windows here. They have wood casings, they are tight and energy efficient. They need to be washed. Black shutters will be so dramatic.

  6. I LOVE nice windows...and being easy to clean is such a bonus...
    and my heart beat a little faster when I saw those red shutters..OMYGOSH



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