Monday, July 11, 2016

Buckhead Betties

Hi folks!  Do you plan to do much traveling this summer?  If you're a regular reader here, you probably know we took a trip in early May and mid-June this year, so we'll be staying home for the remainder of the summer.  Anyhoo,  I wanted to show you a nifty type of luggage/tote bag that my sister gave me for my birthday last year.  I have so enjoyed using this piece!

The bag my sister gave me is in front and the brand is "Buckhead Betties."  Are you familiar with them?  I had never heard of this until my sister and niece started buying their products.

I think most of the items can be personalized with a monogram; mine has an "M" for my last name.  I love this piece, and the bonus is that it perfectly coordinates with the Vera Bradley bag that my mother-in-law gave me a few years ago.

My sister had no idea about the Vera Bradley bag when she chose these colors, so it was a happy coincidence.  The Buckhead Betties tote bag has outside pockets on the left and right side, and one inside pocket, as well.  The outside pockets are lined with waterproof material, which is always handy.

The bag itself is lined with a heavy-duty canvas material,

and I love the ribbon-tie closure at the top.  The Vera Bradley bag also includes a roll-up jewelry/cosmetic bag that fits inside; I love this piece, too.  When we take a week-long trip like we did to Disney World, my husband and I share a hard piece of luggage with handle and wheels.  It worked well for us because we were able to fit a week's worth of clothes for each of us in this large suitcase.  I roll my clothes up to fit more pieces in; do you do this?  I've found that it keeps my clothes fairly wrinkle-free, too.  I use these two soft bags to carry my extras that won't fit into the big suitcase.  They hold quite a bit and are so convenient.

I have to show you my hat I bought at Disney World; it was the only souvenir I purchased there.  

I love the lace ribbon band and the little Mickey Mouse head.  :)

Lastly, I want to show you this casserole carrier from Buckhead Betties.  My sister gifted me with this a few Christmases ago.  It folds down flat like this for storage,

and when you're ready to use it, you just unzip the top and expand it back out.  We went to my parents' house last weekend for a cookout, and I was able to fit a 9" x 13" glass pan, two styrofoam takeout boxes of food, and a bag of potato chips to bring back home with us.  This would work well for a picnic basket, and it's insulated as well.

This is not a sponsored post -- I just wanted to share these fun products with you.  Actually, you probably knew about them way before me; I'm always the last to find out about current trends.  ;)  Here's a link to the website where you can shop online or find a retailer near you that carries the Buckhead Betties line.

Thanks so much for your visit and enjoy your week.



  1. Those are fun items and make a nice gift. I'll have to click over and check out the rest of the products.

  2. I love good, practical items that make life easier. Have never heard of this product line, but you have piqued my interest.

  3. I have a very similar bag to yours and I wonder if it's the same brand. Someone gave it to me. It is monogrammed just the same, has the same lining, and ribbon tie, etc. I love it. Your hat is so cute! I bet it looks good on you. We had some rain late this afternoon that has cooled the air a bit. We needed both the rain and the cooling!

  4. Love your bag! How pretty it is and the cute hat. How fun to have it monogrammed.I will check out this company as it is new to me. Thanks for sharing. have a great week. xo

  5. I always welcome travel tips. Love your bags. Great colors.

  6. I've never heard of Buckeyed Bettys but I love your pieces! Love your hat too. Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  7. Wow Denise! These are darling bags! I love the fabric and design...looks so summery and festive! Very pretty and know I have a new brand to shop for! And....precious summer hat! I'll bet you look so cute in that! Have a great week love!

  8. I love both bags, Denise, and how great that they coordinate! Although mine is not a Buckhead Bettie, I have one of those expandable, insulated carriers. They do come in handy!
    I love your hat and bet it looks so cute on you!

  9. I have a large bag from Lands End that was gifted to me but have never heard of this brand. The bag is lovely, I'll visit the link for sure and I like your new straw hat Denise.

  10. No traveling here....

    Your subject line made me think of Black Eyed Susans, which are popping now. :-)



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