Monday, July 18, 2016

I Love the Farmers Market

Hello all!  I hope this post finds you well.  We went to the Farmers Market this weekend, and I got such good-looking produce.  I hope it tastes half as good as it looks.

We purchased a dozen golden peaches from the sandhills region of North Carolina; that area has the best produce.  We purchased a pint of blueberries from North Carolina, eight Kennebec potatoes (love these) from a farm in Gibsonville, near Greensboro.  We also got a dozen ears of Silver Queen corn, eight tomatoes, and a wonderful bouquet of flowers for just five dollars.  That in itself was worth the trip.  The bouquet is loaded with dahlias in varying colors, zinnias, beautiful pink gladiolas, lilies, and even tuberoses.  Tuberoses have the most delightful fragrance, and I love their waxy, white blooms.

You can see my ceramic berry basket above; I got two of these a few years ago at Sur Le Table, and I finally remembered to use one.  ;)  I couldn't get a good closeup, but the tomatoes are "German Pink," or "German Johnson" tomatoes.  Have you tried these?  They are probably my favorite fresh tomatoes in the summer; they're flavorful, but not so acidic.

I have long been a fan of shopping at Farmers Markets.  When we were first married, we lived in the city of Greensboro.  I got up early every Saturday morning to get to their Farmers Market, which was held at the old War Memorial Baseball Stadium.  The Greensboro Farmers Curb Market is one of the oldest markets in North Carolina, dating back to 1894, and supplying  residents with fresh produce, baked goods, and specialty foods.  It was a wonderful Farmers Market, and I'm sure it still is.  When I used to visit there, they also had hand made crafts and the most beautiful fresh flowers.  I always had fresh flowers for our home in the summer back then.  I have such fond memories of those times.   

Nowadays, we go to the Piedmont Triad Farmers Market, right off of I-40 between Winston-Salem and Greensboro.  We would have to drive an extra 20 minutes in order to go to the old Greensboro Curb Market, since we no longer live in Greensboro.  It took me a little while to adjust to the differences, but I now think the Piedmont Triad Farmers Market is a terrific market.

 Vendors come from as far away as the foothills and sandhills of our state, and they have a wonderful selection of goods.  To give you an idea of the prices, we got all the items I listed earlier in this post for $30.  I'm sure we would have paid more for all that produce in the grocery store, and it wouldn't be nearly as tasty and fresh.  The flowers alone would have cost $12 to $15 at our grocery store.  You've probably gathered by now that I'm a real fan of Farmers Markets.  I think they help build a sense of community, and for people like me who don't grow their own produce, they're a great way to have access to farm-fresh goods.  I'm so thankful to be able to enjoy summer's bounty.

Do you like to shop at the Farmers Market in your town or do you grow your own produce?  Thanks so much for your visit -- I love to hear from you.  Wishing you a good week!




  1. How absolutely lovely! This post just represents all the goodness Summer brings! I love a Farmers Market too...brings back such great memories of shopping with my Mother and sister at the Jackson Farmers Market! All that divine produce! And...what a stunning floral arrangement! Loved this post...thank you!

  2. Looks like delicious produce. I like your little ceramic berry basket! And I have the same tablecloth--I guess that would be no surprise! Hope you're staying cool in this heat!

  3. I do like Farmer's Markets and I also like roadside farm stands, which reminds me to go looking for what they might have. The Kennebec potatoes have me curious since many farmers in Kennebec County in my corner grow potatoes, yet I have never heard of the variety.

  4. What memories! I grew up in Greensboro, wonderful place to be a kid. I love Farmer's Markets and tailgate markets too. We have a number of local markets that get locally produced foods too like goat cheese, yum!

  5. I do like Farmer's Markets and our local small roadside fruit market that is open in the Spring thru the Fall. You got some yummy goods!

  6. Fresh, from farm to you. Wonderful!

  7. We have a great Farmers Market with jellies, jams, honey, vegetables and fruits but not flowers. I must say that would be such a treat. Your flowers are beautiful.
    I am going to suggest this. Enjoyed your post.

  8. I do love shopping at a Farmer's Market, too, Denise. Your produce and your bouquet of flowers look so pretty on your tablecloth. I'm sure your enjoyed your wonderful bounty!



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