Friday, July 8, 2016

Boone Hall Plantation Part 2 - The Gardens

Almost two months ago, I wrote about our visit to Boone Hall Plantation, when we traveled to Charleston, South Carolina.  I promised then to share the gardens with you, so here we are.  Better late than never.  :)  To learn some of the history of Boone Hall Plantation, you can read my previous post Here

I have to tell you that I fell in love with these gardens and their setting.  We were there in early May, and all kinds of things were blooming.  You can see some pansies above,

and here, as well.

They had all colors and shades of pansies -- like a watercolor painting.  You can see roses here, too; more on the roses in a bit.

The pansies worked well as a low-growing plant to line the borders and walkways.

Marigolds were also used as low-growing flowers; I love the curve of these flower beds and walkways.  All the walkways were brick; the bricks looked very old and I imagine they were made in the brick works on the estate.

There were also lovely, old-fashioned Zinnias in the gardens.

My husband took these close-up shots -- love this particular shade of pink!

There was an abundance of Black-eyed Susan's.

Foxgloves were growing in profusion.

And then there were the roses --

all shapes, sizes, and colors, it seemed.

Our guide at the house told us that some of the rose bushes were 300 years old.

I love these blush-colored roses.

Are any of these varieties familiar to you?

Hal took these beautiful closeups.

This looks kind of like a Knockout Rose to me; what do you think?

See the round brick building in the far left of the picture?  I thought this was a dovecote, but it's a smokehouse.  It's the prettiest smokehouse I've ever seen.  :)

This curved brick wall is a thing of beauty.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the flower gardens at Boone Hall.  If you're ever in the area of Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, I definitely encourage you to visit Boone Hall Plantation.  It's well worth a look.  :)

Thanks for stopping by today, and I hope you have a wonderful summer weekend!



  1. Such a pretty garden... So many beautiful scenes and displays...

  2. The gardens are lovely. I like all the brick. That smokehouse puts our little Traeger to shame. :)

  3. I think this must be the one we did NOT see on our plantation tour. I am wondering why not.

    A reason to go back! Thanks for all the beautiful photos!

  4. Que lindo jardim;
    Prazer em conhecer seu blog;

  5. How beautiful are those gardens, Denise!! I love the curved brick wall, too. I would love to visit there. Maybe on my trip to Charleston?
    Also, you new curtains in your guest room are so pretty. I've always loved that style with the ball fringe trim.

  6. So pretty. That lovely brick wall the nicest one I've seen. Roses must love Charleston, these look almost flawless, where are the japanese beetles? My few roses are eaten up because of them.



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